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Main Character
Name Luke Alvez
Gender Male
Job BAU Profiler
Former FBI Fugitive Task Force Agent
U.S. Army Ranger (discharged)
Rank Supervisory Special Agent (in training)
Specialty Profiler
Status Alive
Portrayed By Adam Rodriguez
First Appearance The Crimson King

Luke Alvez is a Supervisory Special Agent-in-training with the BAU, who joined the team at the start of Season Twelve following the resignation of Derek Morgan.


Born in the Bronx borough of New York City, New York, Alvez served in the U.S. Army as a part of the 75th Rangers Regiment and had a number of specialties, including animal training. After he was discharged, he joined the FBI and was assigned to its Fugitive Task Force, where he became responsible for capturing fugitives on the run. One of Alvez's targets was a man named Daniel Cullen, a.k.a. "The Crimson King". During the manhunt, the team was never able to get a positive identification on Cullen during the commission of his crimes, so Alvez's partner Phil went undercover to lure him out. The operation was a success, and Cullen was recaptured, but not before he managed to severely torture Phil. The incident traumatized Alvez ever since.

Season TwelveEdit

Alvez is recruited into the BAU when he was working for the FBI Fugitive Task Force, while the Unit is focused in the recapture of thirteen escaped serial killers.

On the JobEdit


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