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Season 3, Episode 8
Air date November 14, 2007
Written by Andrew Wilder
Directed by Steve Boyum

"Lucky" is the eighth episode of Season Three of Criminal Minds.

Summary Edit

The BAU pursues a cannibalistic, Satanist serial killer active in Bridgewater, Florida, that leads Morgan to question his faith. Meanwhile, Garcia believes she has met her dream man, but her first date with him doesn't go exactly as she had expected.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Jon Barton - SWAT Leader
  • Michael Beach - Father Marks
  • Ben Carroll - Guard
  • Bailey Chase - Deputy Jason Clark Battle
  • Kate Connor - Sheryl Timmons
  • Peter Darren - Police Officer
  • Judy Echavez - Maria Lopez
  • Colleen Foy - Tracey Lambert
  • Gwen Holloway - Lee-Ann Kelton
  • Jamie Kennedy - Floyd Feylinn Ferell
  • John Lafayette - Doctor Jim Lorenz
  • David Lowe - Local Cop
  • Seth William Meier - John Timmons
  • John Eric Montana - Doctor Fulton
  • Liz Montgomery - Board Member #1
  • Phaedra Neitzel - Abby Kelton
  • James Otis - Doctor Nash
  • Daniel Quinn - Bob Kelton
  • Matt Riedy - State Trooper
  • Nick Searcy - Detective Jordan
  • Steven Shaw - Board Member #2
  • Oliver Wells - Young Floyd Feylinn Ferell

Music Edit

  • "Sittin' in the Dark" by Louis Armstrong

Bookend Quotes Edit

  • Derek Morgan: "Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters." Francisco Goya
  • Derek Morgan: 16th century English novelist Thomas Deloney wrote, "God sends meat and the Devil sends cooks."

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