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This list covers all minor criminals mentioned in Season Twelve.

The Crimson King

Earl Roy Everton

One of thirteen serial killers who escaped from prison during the events of The Storm. He attempted to flee to Mexico with the help of an accomplice, but was recaptured through the efforts of Luke Alvez, who lured him out by posing as a coyote.

Carla Jean Birch

The accomplice of Earl Roy Everton, who attempted to help smuggle Everton into Mexico. She was arrested by the BAU after an undercover operation led by Alvez.

Sick Day

Seattle spree killer

An unidentified person in Seattle, Washington, who went on a killing spree with an assault rifle. He or she was somehow tracked down by the BAU and either killed or arrested.

Profiling 202

Belgian terrorist cell

A terrorist cell of unknown ideology that operated in Belgium. Stephen Walker created a profile for them, but it turned out to be wrong and three undercover agents were killed as a result. However, the cell was still stopped before it could carry out a bombing at a major soccer game.

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