This list covers all minor criminals mentioned in Season Nine.

Final Shot

Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson

The head of the Southern Aryans, appropriately nicknamed "The General", who fatally shot a black Dallas councilman named Adrian Clay in a parking lot with a .308 Nemesis Arms Vanquish rifle three months prior to the episode. He was arrested on an unrelated charge, and currently was going through a trial for Clay's murder. Coincidentally, an Assistant District Attorney who was going to prosecute him for the killing was later murdered alongside five others by a sniper.

Unnamed ex-boyfriend

An enraged male who killed his former girlfriend and her "community angel" in 2007, having found them by breaking into the computers of a battered women aid service, before committing suicide.

Route 66

Christopher Corbone

A Chicago robber who spent time in the same prison as future spree killer Eddie Lee Wilcox, who would become his partner when the two were released. Together, they robbed a pawn shop on October 20, 2013, and Corbone shot and killed the owner and a customer that was present. Horrified, Eddie argued with him, and Corbone then tried to shoot him, but his gun jammed. Eddie promptly fired back with his .45-caliber Kimber Warrior pistol, emptying its magazine on him, even after he was dead. Corbone was also connected to the Riggio family, a Mafia organization operating in Chicago.

The Riggio family

A Mafia organization operating in Chicago with connections to robber and killer Christopher Corbone.

In The Blood

Unnamed sect member

A member of a utopia sect who, in 2008, murdered a woman by burying her under a pile of rocks as an honor killing. He was later arrested and serving out an unspecified sentence in prison. Coincidentally, the second victim of serial killer Leland Duncan was killed in a similar way as the member's honor killing, which led to initial suspicion on the sect and its leader.

Parker Mills

A repeat voyeur, stalker, and burglar who started a long rap sheet when he was in high school by looking into the girls' locker room. He attracted the attention of Leland Duncan after he set his sights on a woman named Yvonne Carpenter. As a result, Leland abducted, tortured, and murdered him by hanging him in a public city square.

Strange Fruit

James Moses

A member of the Ku Klux Klan who, along with five other members, abducted and castrated future serial killer Charles Johnson after they were led to believe that he raped his schoolmate Audrey Collins. Charles later killed James in 1978 and buried his body in the backyard of his family home after learning the true reason behind his assault.

Karl Beck

Another member of the Ku Klux Klan who assisted in the assault of Charles Johnson after they were led to believe that he raped his half-sister Audrey Collins. Karl later died of natural causes.

Charles Johnson's other four assailants

Four unnamed men who were members of the Ku Klux Klan, and who assisted in the assault of Charles Johnson. One of them was later killed by Charles in 1978, while the rest died of natural causes.


Killer of Danny Miller

An armed robber who killed Danny Miller, the brother of SSA Alex Blake, when he tried to intervene in the robbery. According to Rossi, the robber had accomplices, with the entire group "being on PCP", and Danny's partner was also shot.

The Road Home

Howard Clark

An eighteen-year-old teenager who, on February 1, 2003, murdered Emma and Teddy Walsh, the son of future spree killer Clifford Walsh, during a home invasion and robbery. He was caught the next day but only sentenced to ten years in prison due to the influence his father had on one of the jurors of his case. He would later die in a random prison fight before he could be released, thus triggering Clifford's spree. It was later revealed that Clark planned the robbery with Teddy, but it got out of hand when he took meth prior to the robbery, making him erratic and uncontrollable, thus leading to the murders.

The Edge of Winter

Julianna Hartig

The abusive, drunkard aunt of future serial killer and rapist Joe Bachner, who became his legal guardian following the deaths of his parents. One day, she forced him into a shed filled with bees, resulting in him being stung all over his body. She would later be arrested after Social Services found out about the incident. Her abuse and death would later become the reasons for Joe's serial killings.


Darren Wang

A drug dealer who shot and wounded the Sheriff with an automatic firearm of Silverton, Texas, during a drug raid. However, considering that a corrupt Sheriff's Deputy wrote the report with the intention of covering up the Sheriff's eventual murder, it is unknown if at least part of the events were true.

Unnamed child serial killer

A serial killer who Rossi investigated prior to his temporary retirement from the BAU. He targeted children, abducting and killing at least five, and was about to kill a sixth when he was finally identified and arrested. Immediately afterward, Rossi would find out that his then-wife Carolyn had divorced him after it turned out he forgot their wedding anniversary.