Linda holds Carol's newborn boy

Linda Reimann was the wife and submissive partner of serial killer and rapist Robert Reimann, who appeared in Cradle to Grave.


At least five years prior to Cradle to Grave, Linda met Robert, who had a long history of sexual abuse, and submitted to his torture, subsequently marrying him. Eight months after getting pregnant with a son, the baby died and Linda was forced to give birth to him anyway on October 2, 2004. Traumatized by the experience, Linda named the baby Michael before she and Robert decided to abduct blonde teenage runaway girls, holding them captive and getting them impregnated by Robert in order to recreate her lost child. Eventually, Linda developed breast cancer and became desperate for more children, specifically boys she intended to name Michael. She eventually stopped taking the medication that was prescribed for her breast cancer and gave it to Robert's victims, substituting them for prenatal drugs as they had the same effects. Because of this, her cancer became progressively worse.

Cradle to Grave

When the BAU track Robert down after the body of the third victim is discovered, they raid the Reimann home, where they arrest Robert and rescue a boy who was mothered by the first victim, Monica Winmar. Morgan then finds Linda sitting inside a nursery, tending to the newly born baby of a captive. Morgan convinces a teary-eyed Linda to hand over the baby to him before she is arrested. The baby is then reunited with his mother while Linda is arrested. It is presumed that she then died from her disease while incarcerated.


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