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Lee Mullens, a.k.a. "The Butcher", is a prolific serial killer, abductor, and later the dominant member of a two-person killing team. He appeared in Remembrance of Things Past.


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Modus Operandi

"When she saw the Lexwell, her eyes went so wide, she scared me half to death."

Lee targeted Caucasian blondes in their 20s. He would abduct them from public places using some kind of ruse and take them to Oakton Center. There, he would strap them to a table, on which he would torture them with sharp instruments and electrocute and sodomize them with an unknown electroshock therapy machine. He would kill them by stabbing them with a knife, usually doing it in areas which were not immediately fatal, but inflicted maximum pain. At one point during the torture, which went on for several hours, Lee would leave his signature, making the victims call a loved one to say goodbye and end it with them saying they were "enjoy[ing] it". This was done in order for him to extend the suffering to them. However, he didn't do this to his first victim as he hadn't fully found his style yet, or his wife since her loved one, Colby, was in the room with her. He would then dump their bodies outdoors, sometimes posing them in some way that exposed their bodies.

During Lee's later span of killings, he would have Colby stalk several potential victims, pick the best ones and learn their daily schedules, and take photographs of them so he could later show them to Lee. Once Lee picked a victim out of the list, he and Colby would work together during the abductions, one of them luring the victim to their van, pushing her in, and knocking her out with a blow to the head and the other driving. During the killings, they would often make the victim read from a script in order to recreate the old ones as accurately as possible and have them speak on disposable cellphones when they were forced to call their loved ones.


Mullens 1987

Mullens in 1987.

"I like trophies. Proves you won something."

Rossi had an original profile of the Butcher, assembled during the original string of murders. It stated that the unsub would be a white sexual sadist and narcissist aged in his late 40s, who would work alone.

Real-Life Comparison

Though the case didn't become infamous until a few months after Remembrance of Things Past aired, Lee's habit of having his victims call their families has some similarity to an incident involving The Gilgo Beach Killer. A few weeks after one of his victims disappeared, he is believed to have used her cell phone to call her sister and taunt her.

Lee also seems to have been based on Roy Norris, one of "The Toolbox Killers". Both were serial killers and sexual sadists who worked as electricians, targeted women, abducted and tortured their victims before killing them, had sexual components in their crimes (Lee sodomized his victims; Roy raped his victims), were members of two-person killing teams (although for Lee, this was only during the second phase of his killings), and were given names by the media for their crimes.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates from 1984 to 1993:
    • 1984: Sylvia Marks (first victim; no call was made; was burned beyond recognition)
    • 1984-1987:
      • Chloe Moore
      • Riley Gould
      • Four unnamed victims
    • 1987: Karen Bachner (his wife; incidental; subdued by an unknowing Colby, then killed by him; no call was made)
    • 1987-1993: Eleven unnamed victims
    • 1993: Susan Cole (last victim during this span of killings)
  • 2010:
    • September 27-28: Kara Kirkland
    • October 3-4: Jenny DeLilly (phone message was partially copied from Susan Cole's)
    • October 5-6: Heather Langley (phone message was copied from Susan Cole's; body was dumped and posed in the same location and way as Susan Cole's body was)
    • October 6-7: Shelly (was stabbed repeatedly by him alone when she wouldn't cooperate; left her body in his backyard)


  • Lee is one of few serial killers on the show to successfully kill all of the victims he targeted. The others are Steven Fitzgerald, Megan Kane, Vincent Rowlings, Paul Westin, Larry Feretich, and Charles Johnson. This is a very rare occurrence, as the serial killers depicted on the show typically have at least one survivor.
  • Lee is similar to Jeremy Andrus. Both were prolific serial killers and sexual sadists who worked as electricians, targeted and abducted women, and took them to secluded locations where they would torture them with electroshock and then kill them.
  • Lee is also similar to George Foyet. Both were prolific serial killers who stabbed women several times, evaded suspicion by murdering their girlfriend or wife before "retiring" in the 1990s, resumed their crimes in the modern day due to some new stressor, and were apprehended by the BAU member who had investigated and profiled them years before (Hotch in Foyet's case, Rossi in Mullens').