Lawrence "Larry" Silvan is an abductor and a member of a two-person abductor and killer team who appeared in the novel "Finishing School".


Not much is known about Lawrence's early life, other than he attended a college in Atlanta, Georgia. While there, he met Suzanne Hamilton, whom he married after graduating and getting a job at a high-end logging company. Suzanne wanted children, but being infertile, she convinced an obedient Lawrence to abduct three young girls that would be their daughters. For ten years, he and Suzanne raised the three children happily until they reached puberty, to which Suzanne killed them while Lawrence was at work. Unnerved by this, Lawrence, however, continued to follow Suzanne's orders, abducting three more girls after burying the original victims in the woods. Since then, he moved the family to Bemidji, Minnesota, where Suzanne eventually killed the newest victims after they reached puberty, while Lawrence buried their bodies. Months prior to Finishing School, he made plans to move the family to another state and start anew.

Finishing SchoolEdit

To complete this plan, he abducted two more girls and intended to frame a coworker for the latest murders by planting evidence into a car that he sold to the man. Coincidentally, however, the BAU, investigating the second set of murders, were interrogating the same man and caught him in the act. Lawrence was arrested, but not before he managed to warn Suzanne of the authorities in a phone call, telling her to run. Suzanne tried to, but failed and was arrested. Rossi, after tricking her into confessing by claiming that Lawrence molested her victims, later told her that Lawrence confessed to his crimes and was willing to go to death row for her.

Modus OperandiEdit

At Suzanne's request, Lawrence targeted young girls, usually abducting three of them at a time. After Suzanne killed the girls, he would bury them in the woods.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Atlanta, Georgia:
    • 1988: The first set of victims (abducted and all eventually killed by Suzanne):
      • Ellen
      • Two other unnamed girls
    • 1998: The second set of victims (abducted and all eventually killed in Bemidji, Minnesota by Suzanne):
      • Abigail Mathis
      • Heather Davison
      • Lee Ann Clark
  • 2008, Bemidji, Minnesota: The third set of victims (abducted; both were rescued):
    • Sophie Scheckel
    • Unnamed girl


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