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Kevin Lynch
Name Kevin Lynch
Gender Male
Occupation Technical analyst
Status Alive
Portrayed By Nicholas Brendon
Appeared In Penelope

Kevin Lynch is a technical analyst who assisted the BAU in finding Garcia's attacker in "Penelope".

Season Three

Kevin was asked to search Garcia's computer to learn who shot her. Upon entering her office, Kevin is immediately impressed with her GUI (Graphical User Interface), noting that her computer array is completely Linux-based. While investigating, he encounters Garcia online, who is accessing her office computer from home. The two engage in a "hacker duel", with Kevin successfully logging into the FBI database (but not Garcia's personal files). Kevin sends the team live video alerting them that the Unsub is in the BAU headquarters. At the end of the episode, Garcia was introduced to Kevin and the two have been romantically involved ever since. ("Penelope")

Season Four

Kevin once nearly went overseas due to a job offer but did not in the end as he felt that he could not go without having Garcia by his side. ("Roadkill")

Season Five

He assisted her during the search for George Foyet and proved to be a valuable asset to the team. ("100") He was also one of the pall bearers at Haley Brooks' funeral. ("The Slave of Duty")

When Garcia traveled to Alaska with the team, to help in the search for a violent, disorganized killer, she calls Kevin during the first night there and reassures him when he expresses concern over her sharing a hotel room with Morgan, right before their call is cut short. ("Exit Wounds")

Season Six

When Garcia has trouble juggling both her Technical Analyst and new Media Liaison duties while working on a case in Ohio, she calls Kevin back in Quantico to assist in looking up those related to the establishments where the killer is possibly choosing his victims. When Kevin unknowingly criticizes her software, a stressed Garcia snaps at him and hangs up. ("Compromising Positions")

After bringing in lettered cupcakes to congratulate Ashley Seaver for graduating from the FBI academy, Garcia mentions to Morgan that Kevin ate some of them, causing the pastries to read "Congratulations Gradua". ("With Friends Like These...")

He later comforts Garcia when she worries that someone on the BAU might be transferred to another unit of the FBI, telling her to remember the good times at the BAU. Garcia tells Kevin that she loves him, and he replies back, "I love you, too." ("Supply and Demand")

Season Seven

Kevin later asks Derek for advice on how to propose to Garcia. When the team comes back from the case, he and Garcia, who has hacked into his computer and found out that he has been looking for a ring, have a heart to heart talk about it during which Garcia tells Kevin that she's not ready to get married. Kevin tells her that he is and walks away, leaving her behind. ("I Love You, Tommy Brown")

When he reappears again on the show, it appears he and Garcia have broken up or at least taken a break from each other, as he brought along CSU Tech Gina Sharp to a Sci-Fi Convention. ("Hit") Kevin later attends JJ and Will's wedding, bringing along Gina, much to Garcia's shock. ("Run")


Garcia (referring to their "hacker duel"): "You're good."

Kevin: "You're better."


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