Kenneth "Ken" Meseroll is an American actor and voice actor.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Meseroll first portrayed New York Mayor Gregory Hughes in the Season Two episode Fear and Loathing. He then portrayed a state trooper in the Season Six episode Safe Haven.


  • Hawaii Five-0 (2015) as Douglas Bates
  • 10,000 Days (2014) as Fred Hesse
  • Castle (2014) as Real Henry Jenkins (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • The Grind (2014) as George (short)
  • Dark Skies (2013) as Pete
  • Grey's Anatomy (2010) as Ron Turkovsky (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Criminal Minds - Safe Haven (2010) TV episode - State Trooper
  • 10,000 Days (2010) as Fred Hesse (12 episodes)
  • Mad Men (2009) as Herb Emmert (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Medium (2009) as Lawyer (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Cold Case (2008) as David McKinney, 1991
  • Without a Trace (2007-2008) as Jonathan Newman (2 episodes, credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Shark (2008) as Arnold Weston (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Criminal Minds - Fear and Loathing (2007) TV episode - Mayor Gregory Hughes
  • ER (2006) as Mr. Sawyer (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • The West Wing (2005) as Pundit #1 (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Numb3rs (2005) as Captain Joe MacNevish (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • CSI: Miami (2004) as Mr. Newly (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • The Practice (2003) as Atty. Jonathan Lambert (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Crossing Jordan (2002) as Judge (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • 18 Wheels of Justice (2001) as Rider (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Carman: The Champion (2001) as Reporter (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • The X-Files (2001) as Owen Harris
  • Family Law (2000) as Maitre d'
  • After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped (2000) as Gary Coleman's Lawyer
  • The '70s (2000) as The Personnel Executive (credited as Ken Meseroll)
  • Lansky (1999) as FBI Agent at NYC Apartment
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (1992) as Ensign McDowell
  • The Cosby Show (1991) as Jonathan Rappaport
  • Star Blazers (1979) as Derek Wildstar (52 episodes, voice)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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