She's going to die anyway, right?
Seymour to Polly

Kelly Seymour was an abduction victim-turned-attempted murderer who appeared in North Mammon.


Little is known about Kelly's personal life, other than she is part of a family of four. She was on the North Mammon High School varsity soccer team with her friends Brooke Chambers and Polly Homefeldt, and was having a sleepover with them at the former's house when Marcus Younger abducted them.

North Mammon

In the episode, Marcus locked Kelly and her friends in an underground cellar and tells them that two will leave alive while one will die, and the choice of who should die is theirs. Kelly, increasingly determined to get her freedom back no matter what the cost, convinces Polly to choose Brooke to be killed, arguing that she is already dying because of a cough that was getting worse. Eventually, when Kelly and Polly announce that Brooke will be the one to die, Marcus drops two hammers into the basement, intending to have the two of them kill Brooke. Though Polly waivers at the instruction, Kelly remains adamant and tries to convince Polly to take part. However, Brooke takes advantage of Kelly's distraction, grabbing one of the hammers and striking Kelly in the head, killing her instantly.

Modus Operandi

When Kelly attempted to kill Brooke, she planned on bludgeoning her with a hammer provided to her by Marcus. The killing would have been done with the assistance of Polly, who was also provided a hammer by Marcus.

Known Victims