Agent Josh Cramer is a recurring character in Seasons One and Two of Criminal Minds.


Not much is known about Josh's personal life, other than he became an FBI agent and rose to the rank of head of the Bureau's Field Office and Organized Crime Division in Baltimore, Maryland.

Natural Born KillerEdit

Having been keeping tabs on local mob boss Michael Russo for some time, Josh has his friend and fellow agent Jimmy Baker go undercover to help bring Russo down. A few months into the operation, Jimmy becomes the target of a hitman, who was hired to take Jimmy and his friend Freddy Condore out, Russo having become suspicious of the two. After discovering Freddy and his family dead, a frightened Jimmy asks for a pickup, but is abducted by the hitman shortly before Josh can reach him.

After Jimmy's abduction, Josh confronts the BAU, who he had earlier brushed off when they offered their help in investigating the murders of Freddy and his relatives. After realizing the BAU (who had been unaware of Jimmy being an undercover agent) did not have him, Josh helps them in tracking down the hitman, Vincent Perotta, through Russo. When Vincent is found and brought in, Josh becomes agitated, believing the BAU are wasting their time interviewing him when Jimmy could be out there, slowly dying. At one point, Josh compromises the interrogation by bursting into the room and threatening Vincent, letting it slip that Jimmy is a federal agent before being dragged back out.

Eventually, the interviews with Vincent bear fruit, with the BAU getting enough information to successfully pinpoint Jimmy's location, the team and Josh finding and rescuing him, Vincent having tortured him and left him to be eaten alive by rats.

Honor Among ThievesEdit

When the BAU investigate a series of Russian mob-related "mutilation kidnappings" in Baltimore at the request of Elizabeth Prentiss, Prentiss's mother, Josh assists them, offering all the information he currently has on the case, also telling them about the principals of the Russian mob and the history of the local chapter leader, Arzeny Lysowsky. In a way, the case ultimately solves itself, with Arzeny eliminating the abductor, his son and rogue mobster, Lyov.


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