Joshua Cox (credited as Josh Coxx) is an American actor.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Coxx portrayed Captain Phil Wilson, a Baltimore SWAT team leader and a client of Giuseppe Montolo, in the Season Eleven premiere episode The Job.


  • Nashville (2015) as Wade Cole
  • Criminal Minds - The Job (2015) TV episode - Captain Phil Wilson
  • Perception (2014-2015) as Special Agent Drexler (3 episodes)
  • Revolution (2012) as Lt. Slotnick
  • The Mentalist (2011) as Paul Satterfield (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • CSI: Miami (2011) as Zach Anderson
  • Thor (2011) as Frost Giant Hailstrum
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous (2010) as Phillipe (video)
  • Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Face (2010) as Stank (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Melrose Place (2009) as Dante Zaretti
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2009) as Artemis Bishop Actor
  • The Last House on the Left (2009) as Giles (credited as Josh Cox)
  • Without a Trace (2008) as Spence Licardi
  • A.I. Assault (2006) as Jack McKenna
  • Strong Medicine (2000-2006) as Midwife Peter Riggs, R.N. (131 episodes)
  • NYPD Blue (2004) as Jonathan Lemon
  • I Pass for Human (2004) as Rick (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Backgammon (2001) as Karsten
  • Friends (2000) as Eldad
  • Providence (2000) as Patrick
  • Once and Again (1999) as Marty (credited as Joshua Coxx)
  • Babylon 5 (1994-1998) as Lt. David Corwin (35 episodes)
  • Babylon 5: The River of Souls (1998) as Lt. David Corwin (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Babylon 5: Thirdspace (1998) as Lt. David Corwin (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Players (1998) as Commando #1 (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Sliders (1996) as Martin (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • The Burning Zone (1996) as Danny Cox (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Quantum Leap (1992) as Officer Milardi (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • The People Under the Stairs (1991) as Young Cop (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • The Runestone (1991) as Crossley (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • 21 Jump Street (1989) as Slimey (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • Freddy's Nightmares (1988) as John (credited as Joshua Cox)
  • One Life to Live (1968) as Dr. Daniel Wolek (credited as Joshua Cox)


  • Strong Medicine (2006) - 1 episode (credited as Joshua Cox)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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