"Animals come to you. They would come up to our window and as soon as they tap on the window, they were dead."

John Robert Williams is an American murderer, abductor, and suspected serial killer.

History Edit

Little is known about Williams' early life. He worked as a long-haul trucker for several companies. For unspecified reasons, Williams developed an intense hatred for prostitutes, which resulted in him deciding to take advantage of his job to murder them. On July 2004, Williams and his girlfriend, Rachel Cumberland, abducted a prostitute named Nikki Hill and shot her with a shotgun, her body was found days later. After a tip was given, police went to Mississipi to interview the couple and there, they found six photos of women who had been abducted from truck stops and killed. In custody, Williams and Cumberland were describe by officers and investigators as very talkative individuals. Williams discussed several cases of missing women with investigators, some of which police were not even aware of. In prison, he claimed to have murdered more than thirty prostitutes, simply because they were "easy to kill". Williams even bragged about the alleged murders to his own family members. Despite all the evidence, police believed that most of what Williams told investigators were lies. Williams is currently incarcerated at Lafayette County Jail in Oxford, Mississipi.

Modus Operandi Edit

Williams' only confirmed victim, Nikki Hill, was abducted and shot twice in the head with a shotgun. His possible victims were killed in a variety of ways, including strangulation, bludgeoning, and running over; some also involved torture.

Known Victims Edit

Note: Dates and locations denote when victims were last seen or discovered.

Confirmed Edit

  • July 18, 2004, Neshoba County, Philadelphia: Nikki Hill, 20 (shot twice in the head with a shotgun)

Possible Edit

  • Unspecified date, Yukon, Oklahoma: Samantha Patrick (killed by unknown causes)
  • 2003:
    • July 11, Crittenden County, Arkansas: Margaret Gardner, 47 (bludgeoned)
    • September 18, McIntosh County, Oklahoma: Sandra Beard, 43 (strangled)
    • September 20, Lafayette County, Mississipi: Jennifer Hyman, 24 (strangled like the previous victim)
    • October 16, Gray County, Texas: Vicki Anderson, 46 (bludgeoned and run over)
    • November 22, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma: Sandra Richardson, 39 (bludgeoned)
  • 2004:
    • January 1, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma: Patsy Leonard, 23 (strangled)
    • January 31, Grapevine, Texas: Casey Jo Pipestem, 19 (strangled like the previous victim)
    • March 24, Indianapolis, Indiana: Buffie Rae Brawley, 27 (bludgeoned and strangled)

On Criminal Minds Edit

While Williams wasn't mentioned or referenced in Criminal Minds, he might have been one of the inspirations for highway serial killer Wade Hatchett. Both were truckers who targeted women and operated in different states due to their jobs (though the latter fact has yet to be confirmed with Williams himself).

Sources Edit

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