Emily, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, in Italy.

John Cooley is a longtime friend of SSA Emily Prentiss, who appeared in Demonology as an incidental character.

On Criminal Minds

John met and became friends with Emily Prentiss and Matthew Benton when they were fifteen in Rome, Italy. At the time, his parents were working with Emily's mother Elizabeth at the embassy in Rome. He kept in contact with Matthew and after his death, approached Emily and told her that he was dead. After the BAU begins to investigate, he comes by her office at Quantico and learns that she is investigating. Later, after Father Paul Silvano, a suspect to Matthew's death and those of two others, is released, Paul goes after John and tries to kill him. John tells him that the BAU will stop him, only for Silvano to reply that they cannot. He is then about to kill John when he is interrupted by Emily and Morgan. Outside the house, John says to Emily "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, in Italy," implying that he was the father of the child she aborted when they were teenagers.