Joe Bachner and Daria Samsen are a killing team who appeared in The Edge of Winter.


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Modus Operandi

After abducting a victim, Joe would hold him or her in a tool-shed alongside Daria. During their periods of captivity, the victims would be tortured in a variety of ways, such as being brutalized, tied to a radiator, stabbed with an icepick (either by Joe or sometimes Daria), and raped (in the case of the female victims). Afterward, they would be finished off by Joe, who stabbed them to death with the icepick.


The unsubs are a pair of sadistic killers who are trying to terrorize the community by torturing and displaying their victims. One of the partners is dominant and fulfilling an emotional need, while the other is submissive and displays obsessive-compulsive tendencies. The method of stabbing the chest is symbolic of unfilled sexual desire. However, their M.O. is deteriorating (evidenced by the fact that a victim successfully escaped them for the first time), so they are improvising now, breaking from their own rules and becoming even more reckless. This could cause a rift in this partnership, and it may result in changes or escalation to the torturous behavior. Daria Samsen was held for a total of ten months, much longer than the other victims, which means she held a very special place in the dominant unsub's fantasies, and by losing her, his anger will increase, which is why he feels compelled to display victims in a public way: he wants others to feel the full force of his outrage. Based on how quickly the latest victim was found, it is believed the killings are accelerating.

It was later revealed that Daria was both a victim and the submissive partner of the killing team, having been fully subjugated by Joe's domineering influence, up to the point where she suffered from Stockholm syndrome as a result. This is evidenced when she willingly inflicted at least some of the torture on Joe's victims for him.

Mutual Victims

The dates denote when the victims were abducted

  • 2012:
    • December 6: Marlene Godfrey (killed on December 29)
    • December 15: Chloe Reynolds (killed on January 5, 2013)
    • December 21: Ben Wilson (killed on January 8, 2013)
  • January 1, 2013: Carrie (abducted, raped, tortured, non-fatally shot with a rifle, and stabbed in the stomach with an icepick; was rescued on January 10, but possibly died from her injuries afterwards)