Jill Morris is an incidental character who appeared in "Limelight".


Jill was the youngest in a single-parent household, being raised by her father. She was born blonde, but later dyed it brown for career purposes, keeping a strand of her original hair as a keepsake. She is very ambitious and an overachiever, earning several awards and decorations during her career as a Philadelphia FBI agent. She met Rossi when he held a seminar, Collateral Materials on Sex Crimes, at the FBI Academy in 1997 and greatly admired him.


When the contents of a storage unit rented by serial killer Jeremy Andrus are exposed and turned in to the police, Jill sees the incident as an opportunity to gain personal fame. Since there is no evidence proving there are any victims, Jill places her blonde hair strand in an evidence bag and claims it to have been found among the rest of the items. As the BAU investigate, Jill's lust for fame and lack of concern for eventual collateral damage becomes more and more apparent. She holds a press announcement, displays excitement about finding victims' bodies, and even writes down some possible nicknames for Andrus, such as The AC/DC Killer, The High Voltage Slayer and The Shock Therapist. Rossi identified with her, since he used to be a similar fame-seeker. Eventually, Jill is lured in and abducted by Jeremy, who makes her watch as he kills a friend of hers. He is about to kill Jill as well, but is stopped by a SWAT team. After being discharged from the hospital, Jill shows little to no remorse for the mess she had caused, or for her friend. When she leaves the building, she has the choice to walk out undetected by reporters, but willingly walks towards the press to be interviewed, much to Rossi's dismay.


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