Jeremy Wolff was a former colleague of SSA Emily Prentiss from her past at Interpol and a mole for international criminal Ian Doyle. He briefly appeared in Today I Do via flashbacks.


Jeremy's early life is unspecified, other than he joined JTF-12, a team specializing in creates profiles for terrorists and help in their apprehension. Prior to that, he was a former worker for the German intelligence agency BND. The team's most notable mission was capturing Ian Doyle and his organization, which was done by sending one of its members, Prentiss, undercover as Lauren Reynolds. Sometime after the mission's completion, the team disbanded for unspecified reasons, and Jeremy eventually became engaged to another member of the team, Tsia Mosely.

Today I Do

Jeremy moved to Paris, France, with Tsia to plan their engagement. When Doyle escaped from his North Korean prison in 2011, Jeremy (presumably acting out of fear for his own life) sold him the list of operatives involved in his arrest and imprisonment. He used the money from the sale to purchase a large estate in Spain under one of his undercover aliases and deposited the rest. Jeremy was then poisoned by a member of Doyle's organization, and his death was certified as natural causes, although Tsia told Prentiss that Jeremy was completely healthy at the time of his death. Meanwhile, Clyde Easter, the leader of JTF-12, was able to deduce Jeremy as the mole and also came to suspect Tsia of having some involvement, as she was engaged to Jeremy. Throughout the entire investigation on Doyle, Jeremy's status as the mole was unknown to Prentiss and the BAU, with suspicion falling on Clyde instead, but in Lauren, Clyde reveals to the BAU of his findings.


  • In "Sense Memory", Prentiss possesses photos of her colleagues in JTF-12. For some reason, she doesn't have a photo of Jeremy.