Jason Koiter

Jason Koiter.

Jason Koiter is a member of the Criminal Minds crew, and later a singer.


Little is known about Koiter's early life, including why he went into the show business. In 2010, he first found work as a post-production assistant for Criminal Minds' editorial department starting with its sixth season. Starting in Season Eight, he was promoted to post-production coordinator. Starting in Season Eleven, Koiter became a post-production supervisor.

On Criminal MindsEdit

In addition to his work on production management and the editorial department, Koiter has sung for a couple of episodes of the series. First, he co-sung a series version of "Precious Stone" with J.R. Richards in the Season Nine episode Bully. Then, he sung a series version of "Amanda's Song", which he wrote and recorded himself, for the Season Twelve episode Surface Tension.

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