Jane Winmar is a notable character who appeared in Cradle to Grave.


Little is known about Jane's personal life, other than that she and her husband Conrad had a daughter, Monica, who grew up troubled. Monica eventually ran away from home and was abducted by Robert Reimann in October 2004. For two years, he raped her repeatedly and forced her to give birth to his children. After she bore a son and a daughter with him, Reimann killed her on March 24, 2006, and dumped her body. It was soon found by authorities, which dismayed both Jane and Conrad.

Cradle to GraveEdit

In 2009, when the BAU is called in to investigate Monica's murder and two other murders that followed hers, Jane and Conrad are called to the New Mexico State Police station at JJ's behest. When they find her and introduce themselves to JJ, Jane spots Monica's pictures on a board, which unnerves her for a moment before JJ takes her and Conrad to an interrogation room. There, she asks them to approve the unearthing of Monica's body. At first, they refuse, but then, they reconsider after JJ informs them that Monica may have given birth right before she was killed, that the baby may have been placed in the adoption system, and that investigators intend to compare sample tissue to state adoption records in order to find the baby.

Later, Jane and Conrad learn through JJ that Monica had given birth to a daughter named Lisa, who was adopted in Arizona by a loving couple who did not physically or emotionally abuse her. They express their intent to adopt Lisa, only to find out that her adoptive parents have no intention of letting her go. Jane then realizes the possibility of them hurting Lisa by taking her away from her parents, and she leaves, saying that she will discuss it with a reluctant Conrad. At the end of the episode, Jane and Conrad return to the police station and learn from JJ that while Lisa's parents will not give up custody of her, they want her to know her grandparents. They then learn that Monica gave birth to another child, a son, a year before she was killed. Jane spots the boy in another room and asks for his name; JJ tells her that it is Michael. The two are then shown into the room and officially meet Michael for the first time.


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