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Jack Hotchner
Name Jack Hotchner
Gender Male
Birth Date October 7, 2005
Family Aaron Hotchner (father)
Haley Brooks (mother; deceased)
Jessica Brooks (maternal aunt)
Sean Hotchner (paternal uncle)
Roy Brooks (maternal grandfather)
Unnamed maternal grandmother
Unnamed paternal grandfather (deceased)
Unnamed paternal grandmother (status unknown)
Unnamed maternal cousins
Unnamed maternal great-aunt
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Portrayed By Cade Owens
First Appearance "The Fox"

"I worked the case, Daddy, just like you said."

Jack Hotchner is the son of Aaron Hotchner and the late Haley Brooks, who first appeared in The Fox and has been a recurring character on Criminal Minds ever since.

Background Edit

When Haley became pregnant with Jack, she and Hotch kept debating on what they should name their child. Hotch refused to use a name that was shared by a famous serial killer, thinking that it would be in some sort of honor for the criminal. Finally, they settled on Jack, ironically.

On Criminal Minds Edit

Jack's first appearance is in The Fox, when his parents introduced him to the team as a newborn. After a handful of further appearances, he moves out of his childhood home in In Name and Blood, Haley's relationship with Hotch having become severely strained over the last few months.

From then on, there are little glimpses of him throughout the show when his father visits him, like in Seven Seconds, or when Hotch gets to watch some homemade videos he keeps with him, like in Pleasure Is My Business. His first notable appearance in a while is in Nameless, Faceless, when Hotch must say goodbye to him because his mother and him are being placed under witness protection, George Foyet having made it clear he intends to go after them to make Hotch suffer. His next appearance is again in video format, this time shown to Hotch by U.S. Marshal Sam Kassmeyer in the episode Reckoner, and we learn his birthday is that day or a previous one.

In 100, he is seen with his mother in an unknown location when she gets tricked by Foyet, who is under the guise of a U.S. Marshal after killing Kassmeyer, into going back to their old home, where he is waiting for them. In his eagerness to make Hotch suffer, Foyet allows a lengthy phone call between Haley, Hotch, and Jack, and his father gets to tell him to "work the case", a code phrase for him to hide in a bin and wait for his dad to get him, which will be a fundamental factor to save his life. We see him again in The Slave of Duty, first at his mother's funeral and wake and later with his father at the condo where they are going to live together; in a couple of sequences it is revealed how much he misses his mother, and that he thinks his father is like Captain America, his favorite hero.

In Devil's Night, Jack and Hotch debate on what costume the former should dress for Halloween, and Jack wants to be a superhero, but he isn't sure which one yet. By the end of the episode, he wears a black suit with a red tie, and when Hotch asks what kind of superhero he dressed up as, he replies, "I'm you, Daddy." In 25 to Life, Hotch calls Rossi to tell him that he won't be coming to work. Rossi later tells Strauss that it sounded like Hotch hasn't slept and that Jack had a bad night. Strauss says that it has been a year since Haley had been killed and that she is glad that Hotch spends time away from work to be with his son.

In Out of the Light, it is revealed that Jack becomes a member of a pee-wee soccer team. In Painless, we learn that he has been bullied at school, but the teacher finds out and had the two separated. In A Family Affair, after attending a triathlon that Hotch is one of the participating athletes in, he is finally introduced to Beth Clemmons, a woman who is Hotch's training partner for said triathlon and later becoming his girlfriend; both take a good liking to one another instantly. In Fatal, he manages to get his third-grade class to have a field trip to the BAU headquarters to learn about profilers as part of their career day, something Hotch is initially concerned about in the wake of Foyet's murder of his mother. However, the trip commences without incident, and some students are impressed enough to express desire of becoming profilers someday.

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