"Into the Woods" is the ninth episode of Season Six of Criminal Minds.

Summary Edit

The BAU is called to search for a man who is targeting children when the remains of an eight-year-old boy are found on the Appalachian Trail.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Kimberly Atkinson - Linda Walker
  • Mark Atteberry - Frank Brooks
  • Jon Briddell - Michael Walker
  • Brad Carter - Charlie
  • Cade Frankson - Daniel Lanham
  • Gill Gayle - Shane Wyland
  • Gattlin Griffith - Robert Brooks
  • Emily Alyn Lind - Ana Brooks
  • Nan McNamara - Violet Brooks
  • David Meunier - Joseph Lanham
  • Cole Alan Pendery - Sammy Walker
  • David Trice - Brandon Stiles
  • John Laughlin - Ranger Walter Turner

Bookend Quotes Edit

  • Derek Morgan: Ralph Ellison said, "I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me."
  • Aaron Hotchner: Elise Cabot said, "Evil endures a moment's flush, and then leaves but a burnt out shell."


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