Indrajit Sarkar is an Indian-born American actor.


Sarkar was born and raised in India. He later immigrated to the U.S. and attended Northern Illinois University, graduating with an MBA degree in Finance. From this, Sarkar gained experience in corporate finance, business development, and consultative sales. For reasons unknown, he switched career goals and received theater training at his alma mater, along with Larry Moss Studio and various other studios in Chicago, Illinois. Afterwards, he performed in a number of theatrical productions. In his personal life, Sarkar currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

On Criminal Minds

Sarkar portrayed Chicu Reddy, a man used as a hostage by serial bomber David Walker, in the Season One episode Won't Get Fooled Again. He then portrayed a suited Indian man in an episode of Beyond Borders.



For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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