Helmuth Emil Max Schmidt, a.k.a. "American Bluebeard", was a German murderer, robber, and suspected serial killer active in several U.S. states. He is an example of a "bluebeard"[1]-type killer.


Not much information about Schmidt's early years is disclosed, other than he settled in the U.S. in 1913 in an apparent escape from military service in his native country Germany. He eventually met a woman named Anita, whom he would later marry and have a daughter named Gertrude with her. At some point in the early 1900s, Schmidt married several other women and robbed them of thousands of dollars, most likely for financial reasons. He then apparently started his killings soon after, allegedly starting with Anita, who disappeared at their Lakewood, New Jersey, home. Schmidt then allegedly killed Margaret "Greta" Darsch, a woman who posed as Anita for some time after Anita's disappearance, before fleeing to Detroit, Michigan, with Gertrude. There, he met Helen Teitz, whom he married.

In his time at Michigan, he killed his only confirmed victim, Augusta Steinbach, whom he robbed of $500 and her jewelry, and also apparently strangled to death 28-year-old Irma Pallatinus, his housekeeper and alleged mistress. On April 23, 1918, police investigating Steinbach's disappearance were persuaded by Steinbach's coworker Agnes Dominie to investigate Schmidt. They stormed into his "murder plant" and arrested him, Helen, and the then-18-year-old Gertrude; the latter two would end being cleared of any involvement in the crime and released. At the residence, police found evidence of other victims. Schmidt confessed to cremating Steinbach's body, but insisted that she committed suicide instead. Later that day, he crawled under the iron bed of his prison cell, lifted it, and brought it down upon himself, crushing his skull and effectively committing suicide. It was later revealed that Detroit Sheriff O.H.P. Greene had burned papers relating to the case before committing suicide as well. Pallatinus' remains were found buried under the cement in the basement of Schmidt's house at a later date.

Modus OperandiEdit

Schmidt's targets were young, poorly educated, single women immigrating to the U.S. All of them were lured in with matrimonial advertisements he posted in newspapers using aliases, which all claimed he was wealthy. He then brought his victims to his home where he would suggest the idea marrying them. He killed a majority of his victims by poisoning them, though Irma Pallatinus was killed by strangulation with an unspecified object. He would then take any items they had on them. All of the victims were lured over to so-called "murder plants", which included crematoriums that was used to cremate the victims' bodies.

Known VictimsEdit

  • March 1917, Royal Oak, Michigan (disappeared): Augusta Steinbach (apparently killed for $500 and her jewelry)


  • Unspecified dates, Lakewood, New Jersey (disappeared):
    • Anita Schmidt (his first wife)
    • Margaret "Greta" Darsch (his mistress after Anita disappeared)
  • May 2, 1918 (found), Detroit, Michigan: Irma Pallatinus, 28 (his housekeeper and alleged mistress; was strangled)
  • Note: In addition to those three murders, Schmidt was suspected of committing an estimated forty other murders of women.

Bigamous CrimesEdit

  • c. 1914, Lakewood, New Jersey: Adele Ulrich Braun (robbed of $3,500)
  • c. 1916, Chicago, Illinois: Unnamed victim (robbed of $2,000)
  • Unspecified dates:
    • Detroit, Michigan: Helen Schmidt (née Teitz)
    • New York City, New York: Unnamed victim
  • Note: Judging by the high number of possible murder victims, it could also be possible Schmidt might have had numerous other bigamous marriages.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Schmidt's habit of cremating at least one of his victims and disposing their ashes appears to have been an inspiration behind Anita Roycewood's method of killing her victims and the scenes of Roger Roycewood sprinkling the ashes onto roses as means of disposal. It should be also be noted that Schmidt's first wife was named Anita, and that Helen Schmidt was briefly suspected of being an accomplice, which appear to be nods toward Anita Roycewood.



  1. A term meaning a male serial killer who marries a spouse, murders her, and repeats this process, for a number of reasons

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