Diplomatic immunity, my friend.
Hassan to Morgan

Hassan Nadir is a Saudi diplomat, rapist, and terrorist who appeared in Secrets and Lies.


A Saudi diplomat, Hassan also raised funds for terrorist organizations that American intelligence organizations were unable to penetrate. He had a wife named Aaliyah, whom he regularly abused physically and sexually, and two children, a daughter named Dalia and a son named Faris. Sometime prior to the events of Secrets and Lies, Aaliyah contacted CIA agent John Summers, and she gave him intelligence on her husband's activities and the terrorist groups he worked for. Hassan realized he had a leak but was unable to identify who it was. In February 2006, Summers revealed Aaliyah's identity to the CIA and arranged for her to seek refuge in the U.S. One month later, Aaliyah defected with the children, and the three hid in a location only known to Summers. To protect them, the CIA staged a car accident to make Hassan think that his family died. However, Hassan learned the truth from his own mole in the CIA, Deputy Director of Operations Bruno Hawks. Around April 20, Hassan traveled to the U.S. using his diplomatic passport and reunited with Bruno.

Secrets and Lies

Hassan and Bruno tie Summers to a chair in his own home and torture him with the intention of making him reveal the whereabouts of Hassan's family. When these efforts are unsuccessful, Bruno kills Summers, and the CIA later stages his suicide by gunshot. However, when Gideon reads about the suicide in the papers, he contacts Bruno, unaware that it was he who killed Summers, and tells him that he knows that Summers didn't kill himself. In order to learn how much Gideon knows, Bruno tells Gideon that there is a mole in the CIA, and invites him and the rest of the BAU to help identify the mole and find Aaliyah. After examining a recording of Summers' earlier meeting with Gideon, the BAU realizes that Summers hid Aaliyah and two children in a shipping container, and the CIA locates it in the Baltimore docks using satellite thermal imagery. In order to keep the mission secret and avoid a diplomatic incident, the local authorities aren't alerted and Morgan is sent there with CIA Agent Gina Sanchez to retrieve the family alone.

However, Bruno also relays the information to Hassan, who reaches the container before the agents get there and try to force his wife out at gunpoint. When Morgan and Gina find them, Morgan tells Hassan to drop the gun and let his wife go. Hassan claims diplomatic immunity to avoid arrest, but Morgan tells him that the container they are in has not passed U.S. customs yet. As a result, the container is not legally on U.S. soil and Hassan's immunity is therefore made void. At this point, however, Gina disarms Morgan and asks Bruno for further orders. Bruno tells her to kill Hassan, but she only agrees to carry out the order after Bruno has the CIA cut visual communication with them, leaving no evidence of the assassination. It is later revealed that Gina had figured out Bruno beforehand and that the shooting was a ploy to make Bruno expose himself as the mole. Instead of killing Morgan, Gina fires a shot into the air and Hassan was taken to the CIA headquarters for interrogation about his partnership with Bruno.

Modus Operandi

Hassan was depicted in the episode coordinating his actions with Bruno Hawks. The two tortured Agent John Summers through unspecified means before Bruno killed him. He later held his family hostage with a gun at the Baltimore loading docks.


No profile was made of Hassan, as the BAU's attention was centered on Hawks.

Real-Life Comparison

Aaliyah's defection seems loosely based on the 1994 defection of Saudi diplomat Mohammed al Khilewi and his family to the U.S. Some differences are that, in the real case, the diplomat husband was the main agent of the defection rather than his wife, that he sought assistance from the FBI rather than the CIA, and that the persons al Khilewi claimed protection against and accused of financing terrorist groups were the Saudi government in general, and King Fahd and Prince (later King) Salman, in particular.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates in Saudi Arabia: Aaliyah Nadir (his wife; battered and raped repeatedly; later taken hostage on May 3, 2006)
  • 2006, U.S.:
    • April 26, Baltimore, Maryland: Agent John Summers (tortured by him and Bruno before being killed by Bruno)
    • May 3, Langley, Virginia: The loading docks standoff:
      • Dalia Nadir (his daughter; taken hostage)
      • Faris Nadir (his son; taken hostage)