Harvey Morell, Jr. is the former accomplice of Caleb Rossmore, who appeared in True Genius.


Harvey met Caleb Rossmore at the Regional A Chess Tournament sometime in their childhood, and the two became best friends because they shared similar interests, such as in chess and crime journalism. The two became obsessed with the infamous Zodiac Killer and wrote articles about him in their junior high newspaper. In 2000, when they were fifteen, Harvey, having been bullied by another boy at this point, decided to kill the boy's brother Robbie Shaw and convinced Caleb to help him. Caleb obeyed and was the one who murdered Robbie, strangling him to death. They then buried his body in Harvey's backyard. The two then drifted apart upon graduating high school, and Harvey eventually became an engineer at a Chinese computer company. He soon became engaged with Marisa Devon, a girl he and Caleb had a crush on in junior high and chose another man to be his best man instead of Caleb. He also made plans to move to Shanghai without telling Caleb.

True GeniusEdit

Harvey's engagement causes Caleb to snap and start killing. After luring Harvey to a secluded location where he is holding Marisa hostage, Caleb confronts Harvey and Marisa, telling the former about their murder of Robbie Shaw, just as the BAU arrive. When Reid tells Caleb about Harvey's plans of moving to Shanghai, Caleb discloses the location of Robbie's corpse and he is arrested. Harvey is also arrested and incarcerated for his involvement in Robbie's murder.

Known VictimsEdit

  • December 23, 2000: Robbie Shaw (strangled[1])


  • According to his information from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Harvey's Social Security number is 983-00-0206.



  1. It is actually unknown if he or Caleb committed the murder, but given that Caleb would go on to commit more murders, it is very likely that Caleb was the killer, not Harvey

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