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Hannah Eisenmann
Name Hannah Eisenmann
Family Al Eisenmann (father)
Zadrina Eisenmann (mother)
Stone Eisenmann (brother)
Ike Eisenmann (paternal uncle)
Albert Able (paternal grandfather)
Art Dupuis (maternal great-grandmother)
Years Active 2008-present

Hannah Eisenmann is an American actress.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Eisenmann portrayed Lexy Kerrigan, the daughter of serial killer and abductor Emma Kerrigan, in the Season Eight episode The Good Earth.


  • New Girl (2014) as Young Jess
  • 81st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (2012) as Jawa Ebe
  • Criminal Minds - The Good Earth (2012) TV episode - Lexy Kerrigan
  • Firefall: An Epic Family Adventure (2012) as Pretty Pink Princess
  • Hark the Angel Sings (2012) as Shepherd (short, voice)
  • Mini Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2011) as Hannah Leigh (short)
  • In Darkness and in Light (2011) as Onxy Troop #5 (short)
  • Asha (2009) as School Girl (short)
  • Alternative (2008) as Adam's Daughter (short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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