Guy Nardulli (born Gaetano Nardulli) is an American actor, producer, and writer.


Nardulli was born as Gaetano Nardulli on May 31, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois. As an adult, he became an actor and producer, being best known for roles in And Then It Breaks, The Horror Vault Vol. 1, and I'll Never Hurt You. In his personal life, he was a collegiate football player and is a very good cook, owning two restaurants in his hometown. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the 2013 Filmed in Utah Awards for his role as Antonio Sorrento for Proper Manors. Nardulli also received a second nomination as part of the Best Ensemble Nomination, also for Proper Manors.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Nardulli portrayed an undercover police officer in the Season Three episode The Crossing. He then returns to the show in Season Nine, starring as Detective Walker.


  • Any Day (2014) as Wayne
  • Lost in Reality (2014) as Mark (short)
  • The Mamaluke (2014) as Eddie (2 episodes)
  • Proper Manors (2012-2014) as Antonio Sorrento (5 episodes)
  • Castle (2014) as Bodyguard
  • Criminal Minds - The Edge of Winter (2014) TV episode - Detective Walker
  • I'll Never Hurt You (2014) as Jerry (short)
  • 32 Seconds (2014) as Jerry (short)
  • The Big Lug (2013) as Hardknocks Hype Man (short)
  • Revenge (2013) as Security Officer DiMayo
  • Justified (2013) as Gun Thug
  • The Devil's in the Details (2013) as Bryan
  • No Intent (2013) as Detective Testa (short)
  • Vegas (2013) as Paul Zummo
  • How I Met Your Mother (2012) as Vinny
  • L.A. Noire (2011) as Edward Hemmings (video game, voice)
  • Undercovers (2010) as Tony
  • The Power of Liquor (2010) as Dustin (short)
  • The Intruders (2009) as Trendo Fox in Store
  • Caught in the Game (2009) as Mr. Goldstein
  • CSI: NY (2008) as Vincent
  • Monk (2008) as Officer Spumante
  • Criminal Minds - The Crossing (2008) TV episode - Undercover Cop
  • Made of Honor (2008) as Basketball Player (uncredited)
  • The Horror Vault Vol. 1 (2008) as Detective Wiley (segment "Alone")
  • Without a Trace (2008) as Local Cop
  • Jekyll (2007) as Policeman (uncredited)
  • United 300 (2007) as Spartan (short)
  • And Then It Breaks (2006) as Guy
  • Passions (2004-2006) as Giancarlo (3 episodes)
  • House M.D. (2006) as Coughing Cop
  • General Hospital (2004-2005) as Sonny's Goon/Policeman (3 episodes)
  • Alone (2005) as Detective Wiley (short)
  • The Road to Canyon Lake (2005) as Dino
  • The Young and the Restless (2004) as Thug #1 (3 episodes, uncredited)


  • Lost in Reality (2014) - Producer (short)
  • No Intent (2013) - Producer (short)


  • Lost in Reality (2014) (short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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