Gregory Phillip "Greg" Grunberg is an American actor.


Grunberg was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 11, 1966. His parents were Sandy and Gerry Grunberg, and he was raised in a Jewish household. Grunberg has had guest-star roles on television starting in 1990. From 1998 to 2002, he portrayed Sean Blumberg on Felicity, followed by a recurring role from 2001 to 2006 as Eric Weiss on Alias. He left the latter series to star on the NBC-produced sitcom Grand Union. He was also cast in a brief role as the pilot for the airplane featured in the 2004 series Lost. Grunberg reprised the role for the first-season finale, but his scenes were cut for time, and were instead included on the season's DVD set. He also appeared in a small role in Mission: Impossible III.

Grunberg had a major role in the NBC-produced TV show Heroes, in which he portrays police officer Matt Parkman, who has the power of telepathy. He also guest-starred on House, provided his voice for the 2009 film Star Trek, and voiced FBI agent Ethan Thomas in the video game Condemned: Criminal Origins. In addition, he voiced Ant-Man in the animated series The Super Hero Squad Show and had a role in the 2011 video game L.A. Noire, in which he provided both voice and facial-motion capture. Outside of acting, Grunberg is known as one of the creators of the Yowza!! Android and iPhone application, which is a GPS-aware coupon-referring program.

In his personal life, Grunberg married Elizabeth Dawn Wershow in 1992 and had three children with her. One of his children, Jake, suffers from epilepsy, which inspired Grunberg to take an active role in raising awareness and raising funds for epilepsy-related research. He often organizes charity efforts to raise funds for the Pediatric Epilepsy Project in Los Angeles. In 2009, he launched Talk About It, a website dedicated to epilepsy education and awareness. Grunberg was also a participant in the first-ever national TV advertising campaign supporting donations to Jewish federations. He also made a tongue-in-cheek promotional video for the Temple Judea Religious School, which lambasted Hebrew Religious schools.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Grunberg portrayed Chris Callahan, the husband of SSA Kate Callahan, father of their unborn child, and uncle of Meg Callahan, in the Season Ten episodes Scream and The Hunt.


For a full filmography, see here.

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