Gordon James Asti is an American actor and artist who directed, produced, wrote, and edited many short films.


Asti was born on September 11, 1988, in Saratoga, California. His parents were Glenn and Susan Asti, and he had two older siblings. At the age of two, Asti took up drawing and painting as a hobby. In 2009, he auditioned for the Cascades Theatrical Company's production of The Mousetrap and landed his first lead role as the character of Giles Ralston.

During the production, Asti befriended his fellow costar Caleb Neet. Together, they wrote, directed, and starred in a multitude of short films, including Nice Guys, and My Life before moving to Los Angeles, California, to pursue careers in entertainment. Asti continued working devotedly on short films. Eventually, he landed a role in his first feature film, titled Sunday; it premiered at the Theater Asylum in Hollywood. His film Life of the Party premiered at the tenth annual Bend Film Festival in 2013.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Asti portrayed Michael Lee Hill, an imaginary unsub, in the Season Twelve episode Profiling 202.


  • Criminal Minds - Profiling 202 (2017) TV episode - Michael Lee Hill
  • The Arena (Lindsey Stirling) (2016) as The Knight (video short)
  • Double Negative (2013) as Creditor (short, voice)
  • Me Without You (2013) as Phil
  • Downing (2013) as Sam (short)
  • Los Angeles Western (2013) as The Giant (short, credited as Gordon Asti)
  • Fubar (2012) as Angel (short)
  • Sunday (2012) as Vince
  • With Friends Like These (2012) as Unknown Character
  • Puccini and Garlic (2011) as Anthony (short)
  • Fistless (2011) as Joe Marks (short)
  • City of Memories (2011) as Cop (short)
  • My Life... (2010) as Jordan Yount (short)
  • Coffee (2009) as Alex (short)


  • The Condemned (2014) (short)
  • Life of the Party (2013) (short)
  • Sunday (2012)
  • Fistless (2011) (short)
  • My Life... (2010) (short)
  • Coffee (2009) (short)


  • Life of the Party (2013) (short)
  • Sunday (2012)
  • With Friends Like These (2012)
  • Coffee (2009) (short)


  • Life of the Party (2013) - Executive Producer (short)
  • Sunday (2012) - Executive Producer
  • With Friends Like These (2012) - Co-Producer
  • My Life... (2010) - Producer (short)


  • Life of the Party (2013) (short)
  • Sunday (2012)
  • My Life... (2010) (short)


  • Life of the Party (2013) - Sound Editor (short)
  • Sunday (2012) - Sound Editor


  • Sunday (2012)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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