CSU Tech Agent Gina Sharp is a recurring character appearing in Criminal Minds.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Little is known about Gina, other than she is a CSU Tech agent. She makes a handful of minor appearances in The Fisher King, Part 1, The Big Game, and Masterpiece. In The Big Game, she is seen participating in a drinking game with Reid and Grant Anderson. In 100, she plays a minor role in tracking down a prolific serial killer who is after Hotch's family. While the killer is found and killed by Hotch, Hotch's ex-wife Haley Brooks is already murdered. Gina appears in the following episode, The Slave of Duty, where she is one of the attendants at Haley's funeral.

She doesn't reappear until Season Seven, in the two-part finale Hit and Run, in which her presence holds some minor significance. In the episodes, she is apparently dating Kevin Lynch, Garcia's boyfriend who ended their relationship with her after she rejected his marriage proposal. By the end of Run, she attends JJ and Will's wedding, where she has a dance with Kevin, only to be cut off by Garcia. She then briefly reappears again in the Season Nine episode 200, when she is assigned by Will to take care of his son Henry. She briefly reappears in the Season Ten episode Nelson's Sparrow, aiding the BAU in tracking down the killer of Gideon.


  • Though appearing on the show first, Gina is officially the second crime scene technician on Criminal Minds to be directly named after the actor/actress portraying them. The first was Crime Scene Forensic Technician Jennings in ...A Thousand Words, who was portrayed by football player Greg Jennings.
  • She appears to enjoy Star Trek (The Big Game) and Doctor Who (Hit).


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