"Future Perfect" is the tenth episode of Season Eleven of Criminal Minds.


When two victims in Florida are found dead from bizarre medical experiments, the BAU find themselves searching for a killer who appears to have an alarming obsession with the practices.

Guest Cast

  • Vaughn Armstrong - Ben Kebler
  • Bruce Barton - M.E. Kevin Gaylen
  • Tate Birchmore - Young Robert Boles
  • Matt Burns - Robert Boles
  • Nancy Linehan Charles - Eileen Kebler
  • Mike Dazé - Bryan Davis
  • Augie Duke - Jill Simmons
  • Peter Elbling - Harold McDermott
  • Ed Ford, Jr. - Old Man
  • Jill Remez - Doctor Laura Braga
  • Pamela Shaddock - Sergeant Carol Gridley
  • Mia Topalian - Andrea Gambrell
  • Alisa Torres - Diane Haller
  • Aisha Tyler - Doctor Tara Lewis

Referenced Criminals


  • "Sometime Soon" by Steven Davis

Bookend Quotes

  • Aaron Hotchner: "The clock tocked loud. I threw it away. It scared me when it tocked." Tillie Olsen
  • Aaron Hotchner: "The first condition of immortality is death." Stanislaw Lec


  • "Future perfect" is a verb form, which describes an action or event that is expected to be completed in the future. It is formed by combining the future tense (such as "will have" or "shall have") and the perfect.
  • Despite being credited in the opening sequence, Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor who portrays Reid, doesn't appear in the episode, just like the previous two episodes.

Criminal Minds Episodes

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