Frank Giles was a career criminal hired by Randall Garner in The Fisher King, Part 1.


Not much is revealed about Giles besides the fact that he had a long rap sheet for manslaughter, robbery, and rape. At some point, he was hired by Randall Garner, a delusional man who who believed the BAU members to be the Knights of the Round Table and himself to be the Fisher King, to do his bidding in a plot to get the team to rescue his daughter, Rebecca Bryant, from the basement of his house. Randall also hired Marty Harris, a pedophile and convicted fetish burglar.

The Fisher King, Part 1

As part of Randall's plan, Giles and Harris went to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Elle and Morgan went on vacation. On Randall's orders, Giles killed Harris, decapitating him and drawing a trail of his blood to the door of Elle's room, which leads to her arrest by the Jamaican police. He then went to Arlington, Virginia, with a red-eye flight and sent Harris's head to Gideon's private cabin. Randall then killed him, impaling him with a sword and using his body to stage another clue for the BAU.

Modus Operandi

How Giles killed his manslaughter victim is unspecified. When he murdered Marty Harris, he also did it in an unspecified way, and afterwards, he decapitated his corpse.


An official profile was made of Giles (as he was initially assumed to be the Fisher King), but it was more directed towards Randall.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates and locations: Unspecified counts of manslaughter, robbery, and rape
  • May 7-8, 2006, Montego Bay, Jamaica: Marty Harris


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