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Fran Morgan
Name Fran Morgan
Gender Female
Family Hank Morgan (husband; deceased)
Derek Morgan (son)
Sarah Morgan (daughter)
Desiree Morgan (daughter)
Savannah Hayes (daughter-in-law)
Hank Spencer Morgan (grandson)
Yvonne Burns (sister-in-law)
Paul Burns (brother-in-law by marriage; deceased)
Cindi Burns (niece)
Anthony Ford (great-nephew)
Unnamed mother (in-law) (likely deceased)
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kerrie Keane
Appeared In "Profiler, Profiled"

Fran Morgan is the mother of SSA Derek Morgan. She appeared in Profiler, Profiled.


Fran's husband was a police officer that was killed in the line of duty while attempting to stop a robbery. Their children were very young and from that moment she had to take care of her three children by herself. Morgan, having seen his father getting killed, had started to have problems with the law. He joined the Youth Center under Carl Buford's care. She had always thought that Carl was a surrogate father for her son and the man who changed his life for the better.

Profiler, ProfiledEdit

In the episode, Fran's birthday arrives and she is seen surrounded by her three children celebrating and having several family loving moments; it is obvious all of them care very much for each other and, as stated by Morgan, they think she raised him and his sisters very well. After Morgan is arrested, she shows she is a strong woman and her unwavering faith in her children, while relating her son's life to Prentiss and Reid. She shows she is unaware of what had really happened to him at the hands of Carl.

In The Company, Fran is mentioned a couple of times in the beginning of the episode; first, when Desiree called her, second, when Morgan told Desiree that she visited her in the hospital and he sent her home to rest. Fran is mentioned again in Restoration, where Garcia hoped to acquire a recipe of hers, which Morgan does for her.


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