You killed her [my sister], didn't you?!
Finn confronts Caul

Finn Bailey is an incidental character who appeared in Persuasion.


Very little is revealed about Finn, other than he was born in 1988, lived in Reno, Nevada, and was arrested once for shoplifting. His sister Carrie eventually left to get a job with the magician Marvin Caul in Las Vegas. However, when she sent him panicked text messages before mysteriously disappearing, Finn became very concerned and decided to travel to Las Vegas in search of her, bringing along a stolen pistol just in case he encountered Marvin, who he was suspicious of. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, he began frequenting a cafe that Marvin was a regular customer at, spying on him, all the while pretending to get a job at the cafe to disguise his actions.


Finally, in Persuasion, he tries pick-pocketing someone, apparently to get Marvin's attention. The ploy works, as Marvin chats him up outside and invites him to join his "business", which is later revealed to be a community of homeless people who pickpocket people on the streets. There, Finn meets Cesar Jones, who is hostile towards him until Marvin vouches for him, the only way to be integrated into the community. Finn later accompanies Marvin to a party, where the latter teaches him how to pickpocket guests. They later observe Romeo the Magician, a magician Carrie planned to work with prior to her disappearance; Marvin disapproves of Romeo's performance and calls him "lucky", not a genius.

Later, a woman named Sarah Renfield arrives in the tunnels and tries to integrate herself into the group. Finn, taking a liking to her, vouches for her and tries to introduce her to Marvin, only to find that he is gone. When Sarah is revealed to be a reporter who was planning to write a story on the homeless community in Las Vegas, Cesar knocks her out and tries to kill her, considering her a threat to the organization. After Finn finds out about this, he protests to Cesar, just as Marvin arrives and tells Cesar that Finn himself should handle Sarah. Marvin then takes him and Sarah's unconscious form outside of the sewer tunnels, where he tells Finn to kill Sarah, saying that her story will expose the organization and therefore lead to the arrests of the members, who were just pick-pocketing people in order to get the money they need to live on with their lives.

Finn pretends to agree and pulls out his pistol, aiming it at Sarah's body. However, before he could shoot, he states that Marvin was the only one not afraid of Cesar and was always gone whenever the other vagrants paid him. He then tells him about his sister and how she was working for him before she disappeared. He then holds Marvin at gunpoint, accusing him of being behind her disappearance. Just then, the BAU arrive and try to convince Finn to lower his gun. When their pleas are unsuccessful, Reid tells Finn that Carrie's body was found in a crack den, dead from a drug overdose. At first, he doesn't believe it, but Reid adds the den was in Phoenix, Arizona, and that Marvin had no involvement in her death. Shocked, Finn lowers the gun. However, it is revealed that Reid was lying, and he manages to get Marvin to confess to killing Carrie before arresting him. Finn was presumably arrested afterwards for possession of the pistol.

Known Victims

  • February 23, 2014: Marvin Caul (held at gunpoint and attempted to shoot)