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Season 9, Episode 22
Air date April 30, 2014
Written by Bruce Zimmerman
Directed by Larry Teng
"What Happens in Mecklinburg"

"Fatal" is the twenty-second episode of Season Nine of Criminal Minds.


When victims are found dead from arsenic poisoning in Long Beach, California, handwritten death threats and other clues have the BAU looking for a killer who is deeply fascinated with Greek mythology. Meanwhile, Hotch has concerns about participating in Jack's third-grade career day.

Guest CastEdit

  • Richmond Arquette - Sergeant Mack
  • Brian Baumgartner - William Harding
  • Steve Campbell - Patrolman Harris
  • Layla Crawford - Susie
  • Martica De Cardenas - Sergeant Fletcher
  • Marcos De La Cruz - Detective Jimmy Tavez
  • Tisha French - Janice Cheswick
  • Germaine Scott Grimes - Benjie Ruiz
  • Brian Houtz - Manager
  • Giovanni Lopes - Carlos Ortega
  • Victor Morris - Sergeant Burnell
  • Chris Moss - Wayne Campbell
  • Cade Owens - Jack Hotchner
  • Tristin Rupp - Ms. Springer
  • Terry Serpico - Wick Griffith
  • Patrick Robert Smith - Bartender
  • Brooke Stone - Bonnie Taylor
  • Lane Thomas - Worker
  • Nikki Tomlinson - Candace


  • "Sálvame" by Fayuca

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Aaron Hotchner: A proverb states, "He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned."
  • David Rossi: "A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it." Jean de la Fontaine

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