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Season 3, Episode 1
CM3x01 01955
Air date September 26, 2007
Written by Chris Mundy
Directed by Gloria Muzio
"No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank" (Season Two)
"In Name and Blood"

"Doubt" is the first episode, and season premiere, of Season Three of Criminal Minds.

Summary Edit

The team investigates a spree killer who is targeting women at a small college in Flagstaff, Arizona. The BAU shuts down the campus, creates a detailed profile of the unsub, and arrests a suspect. However, the team members begin to have doubts about themselves when another woman is killed while the suspect is in custody.

Guest Cast Edit

Referenced Criminals Edit

Music Edit

  • "Wolf Like Me" by TV On The Radio
  • "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups
  • "Cat Claw" by The Kills
  • "Wait" by The Kills
  • "Barely Holding On" by Wes Nickson
  • "I'm Still Holding On" by Ken Holloway
  • "New Noise" by Refused
  • "Stuck Between Stations" by The Hold Steady

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References Edit

  1. Credited as "Cop"

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