Domino Thacker is a robber and drug addict who appeared in Blood Hungry as a suspect for one of Eddie Mays's murders.


Domino's life prior to Blood Hungry is not elaborated on, but it is explained that he has been arrested and convicted for robbery, armed robbery, drug possession, drug possession with intention to sell and that he made his own drugs. It is also mentioned that he was hospitalized for overdoses and an attempted suicide. The day that Eddie Mays killed Annie Stuart, he was planning to burglarize her home. When he got there, she was already dead and cut open, but he still took a number of items from her home.

Blood Hungry

When Elle talked to Wally Brisbane, who saw Domino outside Annie Stuart's house the day of her murder, he told her about what he saw, placing Domino on their radar. When the authorities go to question him, he tries to run away and is consequently arrested. In jail, Domino maintains that he is innocent. Later, when Morgan questions him, Domino admits to robbing Annie Stuart after she had died and claims that he saw someone else there, but couldn't get a clear sight of his face. After that, Domino was arrested for robbery.