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"Distress" is the seventeenth episode of Season Two of Criminal Minds.

Summary Edit

The BAU travels to Houston to investigate a series of murders that have occurred near construction sites and abandoned buildings. Because the murders appear to be random, the team believes the killer could be a homeless person. Meanwhile, everyone is noticing an apparent change in Reid's behavior.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Jon Barton - SWAT Leader
  • Nick Chinlund - Max Weston
  • Kent Faulcon - Detective Fuller
  • Joanna Going - Dana Woodridge
  • Jimmy Kieffer - Warren Banbury
  • Jeffrey Lorenzo - Kelvin Bradford
  • Holt McCallany - Roy Woodridge
  • Sandi McCree - Jolene Bradford
  • Juan Ramírez - Edward Ramos
  • Bridget Shergalis - Mary
  • Dre Taylor - Mogadishu Boy
  • Jeff L. Williams - Uniformed Officer
  • Jennifer Willison - Angie

Music Edit

  • "Sumpin'" by the Pimps
  • "Ghost Towns Along The Highway" by John Mellencamp

Bookend Quotes Edit

  • Jason Gideon: "Our life is made by the death of others." Leonardo da Vinci
  • Aaron Hotchner: "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." Thomas Paine

Trivia Edit

See Also Edit

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