Desiree Morgan is the younger sister of SSA Derek Morgan. She first appeared in Profiler, Profiled.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Desiree's father was killed on the line of duty, forcing her mother Fran to raise her and her siblings alone. In Profiler Profiled, she and her siblings visit their mother in Chicago for her birthday and is present when her brother is arrested on suspicion of murdering three young boys. She, like her sister Sarah, believe in Morgan's innocence, proving the closeness of the three siblings. She reappears in The Company, when she calls Fran on the road before spotting her presumed-dead cousin, at a traffic stop. The car carrying Cindi speeds off when Desiree calls her, and Desiree tries to pursue the vehicle, only to be hit by an incoming car. She is sent to the hospital and survives; Desiree tells Morgan about her sighting of Cindi, saying that she is confident the woman was her. She isn't seen for the rest of the episode, but she most likely recovers from her wounds.


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