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Dean Corll
Name Dean Arnold Corll
Alias The Candy Man
The Pied Piper
Gender Male
Birth Date December 24, 1939
Place of Birth Fort Wayne, Indiana
Date of Death August 8, 1973
Place of Death Pasadena, Texas
Job Electrical system tester
Former candy factory worker
Pathology Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
Cop Killer (once)
Signature Two distinct signatures:
  • Torturing victims while keeping them restrained
  • Keeping victims' keys as trophies
Modus Operandi Strangulation
Asphyxiation (once)
Type Organized lust
No. of Victims 28+
Status Deceased (murdered)

Dean Arnold Corll, a.k.a. "The Candy Man" or "The Pied Piper", was a prolific American serial killer/rapist, hebephile, ephebophile, and abductor who perpetrated the so-called Houston Mass Murders, which at the time of its discovery, were considered the worst example of serial killings in the history of the United States.

Background Edit

Corll was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as the first child of Arnold Edwin Corll and Mary Robinson. Due to frequent arguments, his parents divorced while he was seven, though they eventually attempted reconciliation. Because of his shyness, Corll rarely socialized with his peers as a child, but also cared for the well-being and feelings of others. At the age of seven, Corll contracted rheumatic fever, which was only discovered when doctors found out that Corll had a heart murmur, which prevented him from participating in physical education. In 1950, his parents remarried for only three years before divorcing again, with Robinson gaining custody of Corll and his younger brother Stanley. Robinson soon married a travelling clock salesman named Jake West and both started living together in Vidor, Texas, where Robinson had a third child with him, named Joyce.

The family then started a candy company named Pecan Prince, with Corll and Stanley being responsible for running the candy-making machine and packing products, while West would sell the candy. In his high school years, Corll was seen by teachers as a well-behaved student who would get satisfactory grades. However, he continued to be considered a loner by his peers, despite occasionally dating girls. Corll graduated from high school in the summer of 1958 and moved to the outskirts of Houston with his family shortly after, as a way to be closer to the city where the majority of the products were being sold. West eventually opened a new shop, which was again named Pecan Prince. In 1960, Corll moved to Indiana at the request of his mother, in order to live with his widowed grandmother. There, he met a local girl and began to date her, but when she proposed to him, he rejected it.

In order to help his family, Corll returned to Houston two years later. In 1963, Robinson divorced West and opened a new candy business of her own, now named Corll Candy Company, in which Corll was the vice-president. That same year, one of Robinson's teenage male employees complained about Corll making sexual advances towards him, but she simply fired the boy. A year later, Corll drafted into the U.S. Army and assigned to Fort Polk, Louisiana, for a ten-month training regime, after which he was honorably discharged at his own request. During training, Corll realized that he was homosexual and had his first sexual encounters. After being discharged, he returned to work in his family's candy company and continued to make more advances towards male employees. In 1967, Corll met twelve-year-old David Owen Brooks and the two became close friends. Brooks would go on trips with Corll and admired him to the point of seeing Corll as a substitute father, as he was the first adult who did not mock his appearance and gave him money when he was in need. However, Corll's relationship with Brooks took a darker turn in the beginning of 1969, when Corll paid Brooks to perform oral sex on him. Following the closure of the candy company, Corll got another job testing electrical relay systems at the Houston Lighting and Powe Company.

Murders and Death Edit

Corll's first murder victim was Jeffrey Konen, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, whom he abducted while hitchhiking on September 25, 1970, Konen's body was buried at High Island Beach. Around the time of Konen's murder, Brooks interrupted Corll in the act of raping two teenage boys he had strapped to a torture board. In return for his silence, Corll promised Brooks a car and he accepted the offer, Corll bought him a green Chevrolet Corvette shortly after murdering the two boys. Later, Corll offered $200 to Brooks for any boy he could lure to Corll's apartment. On December 13, Brooks lured two boys away from a religious rally held to Corll's apartment, where they were tied to his torture board, raped and killed. On January 30, 1971, Corll and Brooks encountered two boys walking toward their parents' home, the boys were lured to Corll's van and driven to his apartment, and subsequently raped and killed by him, their bodies were then buried in the boat shed. Between March and May, Corll abducted and killed more three victims with Brooks' help.

On August 17, Corll and Brooks encountered an acquaintance of Brooks named Ruben Haney walking home from a movie theater, Corll subsequently took Haney to his home and strangled him to death. In the winter of 1971, Brooks lured Elmer Wayne Henley and intended to have him killed, however, Corll decided that he would make a good accomplice and offered him the same fee of $200 for any boy he could lure to Corll's apartment, telling Henley that he was a member of a slavery ring. Henley completely ignored Corll's for several months before finally accepting it in early 1972, when he and his family were in dire financial circumstances, still believing that he was working with a human trafficker, not a serial killer. On March 24, 1972, the trio encountered an acquaintance of Henley's, Frank Aguirre, leaving a restaurant, they then convinced Aguirre to come at Corll's apartment with the promise of drinking beer and smoking marijuana. There, Corll pushed him onto the table and handcuffed him, seeing this, Henley attempted to persuade Corll into not hurting Aguirre, but refused and killed him anyways, then revealed that he had raped and murdered the previous boy Henley had lured for him. Despite this, Henley continued to work with Corll and buried his body at High Island Beach.

According to Brooks, Henley was a sadistic individual who enjoyed murdering the boys on his own. The trio continued their killing spree until August 7, 1973. Henley, now aged 17, invited Timothy Kerley to attend a party at Corll's house, the boy accepted the offer, but came accompanied by a girl named Rhonda Williams. Furious by the fact that Henley had brought a girl to his house, and told him in private that he had "ruined everything". The trio then began drinking and smoking as Corll watched and waited for them to pass out. In the next morning, Henley awoke to find himself lying upon his stomach and Corll snapping handcuffs onto his wrists. Noticing Henley had awoken, Corll removed the gag from his mouth and said that he was going to kill him, Kerley and Williams, for making the mistake of bringring a girl to his house. Corll proceeded to kick Williams in the stomach and threatening to shoot Kerley. Henley then promised to Corll that he would participate in the torture and murder of both Kerley and Williams if Corl released him, to which he agreed.

As Corll tortured Kerley, Henley removed Williams' gag and began talking with her, Henley then grabbed Corll's pistol and said "You've gone far enough, Dean, I can't go on any longer! I can't have you kill all my friends!", to which Corll replied "Kill me, Wayne!". Panicking, Henley stepped back as Corll continued advance and taunt him by saying "You won't do it!". Finally, Henley fired at Corll, hitting him in the forehead, but not killing him. Corll continued to lurch towards Henley and as response shot him five more times, hitting him in the left shoulder and lower back as he slid down the wall in the hallway outside the room where the two other teenagers were bound, Corll died shortly after. The trio then contacted the police and Henley was taken into custody, where he confessed to helping Corll in his serial killings and Brooks' involvement in the murders. Both Henley and Brooks are now serving life sentences , Henley is incarcerated at the Mark W. Michael Unit in Anderson County, Texas while Brooks is incarcerated at the Ramsey Unit near Rosharon, Texas.

Modus Operandi Edit

Corll targeted males between the ages of 13 and 20, all of whom he would abduct with the help of his accomplices Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks. His victims were either friends of Henley and/or Brooks, acquainted with Corll, or former employees of the Corll Candy Company. Corll would drive them to his house with promises of alcohol or drugs, and there, the boys would be stripped naked, and tied to a bed or a plywood torture board. They were then raped, beaten, and tortured, sometimes for several days. When he killed his victims, Corll would strangle them or shoot them with a .22-caliber pistol. The bodies were then tied in plastic sheets and buried. Occassionally, Corll would force his victims to either call or write letters to their parents explaining their absences. He also kept trophies from his victims, such as their keys.

Known Victims Edit

  • 1970:
    • September 25: Jeffrey Konen, 18 (strangled and asphyxiated with a cloth gag)
    • December 13: James Glass and Danny Yates (both raped and strangled with a cord):
      • James Glass, 14
      • Danny Yates, 14
  • 1971:
    • January 30: Donald and Jerry Waldrop (both raped, tortured, and strangled):
      • Donald Waldrop, 15
      • Jerry Waldrop, 14
    • March 9: Randell Harvey, 15 (raped and shot once in the head)
    • May 29: David Hilligiest and Gregory Malley Winkle (both raped and strangled with a cord):
      • David Hilligiest, 13
      • Gregory Malley Winkle, 16
    • August 17: Ruben Watson Haney, 17 (raped and strangled)
  • 1972:
    • Unspecified date: Officer Willard Branch, Sr. (indirectly; died from a heart attack during the search for his son)
    • February 9: Willard Branch, Jr., 17 (emasculated and strangled)
    • March 24: Frank Aguirre, 18 (strangled)
    • April 20: Mark Scott, 17 (strangled like the previous victim)
    • May 21: Johnny Delome and Billy Baulch, Jr. (both raped and strangled):
      • Johnny Delome, 16
      • Billy Baulch, Jr., 17
    • July 19: Steven Sickman, 17 (bludgeoned with an unspecified object and fatally strangled with a nylon cord)
    • August 21: Roy Bunton, 19 (shot twice in the head)
    • October 2: Wally Jay Simoneaux and Richard Hembree:
      • Wally Jay Simoneaux, 14 (raped and strangled)
      • Richard Hembree, 13 (raped and shot in the mouth)
    • November 12: Richard Kepner, 19 (raped and strangled)
  • 1973:
    • February 1: Joseph Lyles, 17 (strangled)
    • June 4: William Ray Lawrence, 15 (raped and strangled with a cord)
    • June 15: Raymond Blackburn, 20 (strangled)
    • July 7: Homer Garcia, 15 (shot in the head and chest and died from subsequent exsanguination)
    • July 12: John Sellars, 17 (shot four times)
    • July 19: Michael Baulch, 15 (Billy Baulch's brother; raped and strangled)
    • July 25: Marty Jones and Charles Cary Cobble (both shot):
      • Marty Jones, 18
      • Charles Cary Cobble, 17
    • August 3: James Dreymala, 13 (raped and strangled)
  • Note: Based on polaroid images and missing person reports, Corll is believed to have killed many more victims.

On Criminal Minds Edit

Corll shares some traits with serial killer Anita Roycewood. Like Anita, Corll used two submissive male accomplices to provide new victims for him, one of whom, Elmer Wayne Henley, was an abducted victim himself. Corll was about to rape and kill two victims provided by Henley, when Henley pointed a gun at him and told him to stop, much like when Anita was about to kill the victims she held captive before Charlie pointed a gun at her. Also like Anita, Corll laughed off the threat and tried to retrieve the gun before being shot and killed. Anita's husband being an electrician might be another nod to Corll, who worked as an electrician at the time of his death.

Sources Edit

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