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Genre Crime Drama
Running time 40-45 minutes
Created by Jeff Davis
Starring Lead Actors
Opening theme Original by Marc and Steffan Fantini
Country of origin USA
Original channel CBS
Original run September 22, 2005-present
No. of seasons 9
No. of episodes 210
List of episodes List of Episodes
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Criminal Minds is an American Crime Drama on the CBS network. The show originally aired on September 22, 2005.


Criminal Minds was created by Jeff Davis and is produced by the Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios. The show follows the investigative lives of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico, Virginia.

The unit itself is based entirely on the real-life BAU built by FBI Profiler John Douglas. The show's former main character, Jason Gideon, and new character, David Rossi are both partially based on John Douglas himself--with respect to different aspects of their personalities.[1]. The show abandons the common format of procedural dramas by focusing more on the criminals and their victims instead of the main cast.

Throughout the episodes, quotations from famous philosophers are often recited by the cast. These quotations are relevant to the episode's plot and help to bring the "pieces" of the case together. Previously, it was always Jason Gideon who recited them, but, since his departure, the rest of the cast have taken over; quotations mainly being quoted by the prominent character of that episode.

Opening CreditsEdit

For the first five seasons, they had changed just enough to reflect the changes in the main cast, keeping the original theme song created for the show intact. Starting in Season Six, specifically with AJ Cook's temporary departure, the theme song has been subtly updated, with electric guitars added that play the main four-note motif, along with the sound effect of an explosion towards the end.

thumb|300px|left|Original Opening Credits - Season 1 thumb|300px|right|Opening Credits - Seasons 3 to 5


The series' third season, which premiered on September 26, 2007, was interrupted in late 2007 by the industry-wide Writer's Guild of America strike. It aired its last pre-strike episode on January 23, 2008. Following the resolution of the strike, the show returned to air on April 2, 2008. On May 14, 2008, Criminal Minds was renewed for a fourth season, which premiered on September 24, 2008. Season Five premiered on September 23, 2009, Season Six on September 22, 2010, Season Seven on September 21, 2011, and Season Eight on September 26, 2012. The show was again renewed for a ninth season, which premiered on September 25, 2013. This will later be followed by a tenth season, which is scheduled to premiere on October 1, 2014.

Season Ratings AveragesEdit

Series Season TV Season Ranking Viewers A18-49 ratings
Season One 2005-2006 #28 12,630,000 4.5
Season Two 2006-2007 #24 14.050,000 5.0
Season Three 2007-2008 #24 12,780,000 4.5
Season Four 2008-2009 #11 14,950,000 5.2
Season Five 2009-2010 #16 13,695,000 3.6
Season Six 2010-2011 #10 14,111,000 3.8
Season Seven 2011-2012 #15 13,395,000 3.7
Season Eight* 2012-2013 #8 14,591,000 4.1
Season Nine* 2013-2014 #10 14,415,000 3.8
Season Ten* 2014-2015 #-- --,---,000 -.-

  • Seasonal rankings based on average total viewers.
  • Ratings averages Live + 7 of first and reruns (on its timeslot) airings.
  • Season Eight and Nine: Reruns and specials ratings NOT included


The spin-off, Suspect Behavior, was introduced in The Fight and, after being green-lit by CBS, premiered on February 16, 2011 with a 13-episode order. Due to mild to bad ratings, only one season of 13 episodes aired before the show's cancellation on May 17, 2011.

It revolves around a new group of profilers, led by Sam Cooper (Forest Whitaker), who work outside the FBI bureaucracy. Beau Garrett played Gina LaSalle, a tough girl and recent FBI recruit who is loyal to Cooper and the object of flirting from Mick Rawson, an arrogant former military sniper who was portrayed by Matt Ryan[2]. Michael Kelly played Jonathan "Prophet" Simms, a former criminal-turned-FBI agent. Kirsten Vangsness continued her role as Penelope Garcia, who was the team's technical analyst. Richard Schiff portrayed FBI Director Jack Fickler and Janeane Garofalo played Beth Griffith, the only BAU agent that didn't appear in The Fight.


Criminal Minds is syndicated for broadcast on several channels from all over the world, including:

  • Argentina
    • AXN
  • Australia
    • Channel 7
    • FX
  • Austria
    • ATV
  • Belgium (Esprits criminels)
    • RTL
    • Vijf TV
  • Brazil
    • AXN Brazil
  • Canada
    • CTV
    • A&E
    • ION Tv
    • Bravo
    • CBS
  • Czech Republic (Myšlenky zločince)
  • Prima Family
  • Denmark
    • Kanal 5
  • Estonia (Kurjuse kannul)
    • Kanal 2
  • Finland (Criminal minds - FBI-tutkijat)
    • Nelonen
    • FOX
  • France (Esprits criminels)
    • TF1
  • Germany
    • Sat.1
    • Kabel 1
  • Greece (Diavolika myala)
    • ANT.1 TV
  • Hungary (Gyilkos elmék/Kriminális elmék)
    • RtlKlub
    • AXN
    • Cool TV
  • Ireland
    • RTE Two
    • LIVING
    • Virgin 1
  • Israel (מחשבות פליליות)
    • yes stars Action
    • yes stars Action HD
  • Italy
    • Rai Due
    • Sky
  • Mexico (Mentes criminales)
    • Azteca 7
  • The Netherlands (criminal minds)
    • Veronica
  • New Zealand
    • TVNZ
  • Norway
    • TV2
  • Romania (Minti criminale)
    • Pro TV.
    • AXN
  • Russia (Мыслить как преступник)
    • HTH
  • Slovakia (Myšlienky vraha)
    • Markíza
    • Joj
  • Spain (Mentes criminales)
    • AXN Europe
    • Cuatro/FDF
  • Sweden
    • Kanal 5
  • Switzerland
    • 3+
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
    • Sky LIVING
  • United States
    • A&E
    • ION Television
    • Bravo
    • CBS






See the list of episodes.

PC and Mac GameEdit


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