What I find interesting is that you are the experts in behavior but find nothing wrong with yours.
Cramer in It Takes a Village

Senator Cramer (first name unrevealed) is a minor recurring character who appeared in Criminal Minds.


No specific information has been disclosed about Cramer's history. What is known about him is that he became a Senator for the U.S. Senate.

It Takes a Village

Following a recent string of events that left a number of people dead, including two FBI agents, Cramer was hired as one of the Senators overseeing a trial against the BAU for its retaliatory actions due to the apparent loss of one of their own, Prentiss. Cramer seems especially hostile towards the team, persecuting them through the entire trial. However, after all seven members of the BAU give their individual testimonies and then a final one as a team, including Prentiss reciting the FBI Oath of Office, the Senators decide to let them off the hook. Cramer has no choice but to agree but the team is warned that they will be closely watched.

The Replicator

When a man stalking the BAU, known as the Replicator at the time, targets and kills BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss, the team deduces that the unsub was able to find the cases they solved in the past because he worked in a position that allowed him to view the case-files. Since such a position led to the Senate, Hotch confronts Cramer about the matter. At first, he declines to give him a list of names of the people viewing the FBI's case-files, but when Hotch tells him of Strauss's murder, Cramer instantly changes his mind and has a list compiled for him.