Corey Marlin was the former assistant of Ellen Clark and a suspect in the crimes committed by William Cochran. He appeared in The Night Watch.


Marlin was born in Tampa, Florida, on April 29, 1981. He racked up a criminal record consisting of battery and petty theft, and a number of outstanding warrants. At some point, he was sentenced to six years in prison for assault after beating a man to near-death in a bar fight, sparked over a disagreement over a past major sports event. During his imprisonment, Marlin took up painting and gained a cult following of prisoners and even staff members who were impressed by his works. He was released from prison and eventually fell off the grid in 2007. At that time, he met Ellen Clark, a fellow artist who decided to begin a series of graffiti arts across the U.S. to commentate on social issues. She took up the moniker of Morpheus[1] and hired Marlin as an assistant and silent partner. However, Ellen kicked him out after she found him going through her items. Despite this, the two seemed to stay in touch, with Marlin apparently following Ellen to Detroit, Michigan, when she decided to continue her work there.

The Night Watch

Marlin is seen in a room at a downtown motel, watching a news report on the abduction of an infant girl named Corinne Wallace. When the reporter states that the FBI had declared Marlin a prime suspect, he is shocked by this. After checking the window for any police officers, he retrieves a handgun and leaves the room for an unknown task. Marlin later returns, sets down his gun, and prepares to go into the bathroom. There, he is attacked by William Cochran, the man who abducted Corinne; he knocks Marlin back into the main room and proceeds to torture him for information on Ellen's location. When Marlin gives him the location, he is shot and killed by William, using Marlin's own gun.



  1. Presumably a reference to Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams

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