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Chris Degner is an American actor and writer.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Degner portrayed Miles Hendrick, a one-time client of a human trafficking ring, in the Season Ten episode The Hunt.


  • White Wedding (2015) as Crazy Man (short)
  • The Player (2015) as Dead Assasin (2 episodes)
  • Lift Girl (2015) as Detective Simmons (TV miniseries, 2 episodes)
  • Criminal Minds - The Hunt (2015) TV episode - Miles Hendrick
  • Method (2015) as Orderly (short)
  • Wait (2015) as Reporter
  • 15cc (2014) as Chris (short)
  • The Interview (2014) as Mr. Krongard (short)
  • Thank You for Your Service (2014) as Austin Reingold (short)
  • Good Things (2013) as Ted the Thief (short)
  • Masters of Sex (2013) as Working Class Man
  • Trust (2013) as Henry (short)
  • Payday (2013) as Agent Riker
  • Bang (2013) as Jerry (short)
  • The Fetus (2013) as Mr. Jefferson (short)
  • The Big Lug (2013) as Ref (short)
  • Cookie Mobster (2013) as Gangster Chris (short)
  • Framed (2013) as LeQuex (short)
  • Cops and Robbers (2013) as Police Chief (short)
  • Bananas (2013) as Bus Patron (short)
  • Awaken (2012) as Coffee Shop Customer
  • The World of Holly Woodlands (2011) as Barry Cosworth (short)


  • White Wedding (2015) (short)


  • White Wedding (2015) - Producer (short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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