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A page from Floyd Feylinn Ferell's recipe book.

Cannibalism (Anthropophagy) usually refers to the act or practice of humans consuming human flesh. It is usually caused by some cultural reason, famine when no other options remain, or by insanity, which is the most common reason among Criminal Minds unsubs.

On Criminal Minds Edit

  • Eddie Mays ("Blood Hungry") - Due to drug-induced religious mania, Eddie would cut his victims open after killing them and take an organ believed by a religion to contain the soul, as well as some blood.
  • Floyd Feylinn Ferell ("Lucky") - A Satanist who would butcher women and use the meat, taken primarily from the legs, in different cannibal dishes he concocted. He also forced one of his victims to eat the fingers of several previous victims, also qualifying him as a projected cannibal.
  • Gina King ("The Performer") - After strangling her victims, she would puncture their throats and drink their blood, due to being what was described as a "vampirist" (a condition that could occasionally lead to more "traditional" cannibalism).
  • Owen Porter ("Exit Wounds") - After killing his fourth victim, Owen cut out the man's spleen and took it home, with it being heavily implied that he ate it.
  • Emma Kerrigan ("The Good Earth") - Driven by a delusion to rid herself of her scleroderma, Emma abducted a woman, performed a non-fatal C-section, and took her entire placenta, later eating some of it and even attempting to feed the rest to her daughter.
  • Wallace Hines ("The Inspiration" and "The Inspired") - Though he is not classified as an actual cannibal in the classic sense, Wallace was classified as a projected cannibal, since he tortured his victims by force-feeding them parts of a decapitated human head.
  • Jesse Gentry ("The Inspiration" and "The Inspired") - Like his twin Wallace, Jesse is a projected cannibal since he tortured his second victim by force-feeding her her own severed finger.

Real World Edit

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