Agent Cal (full name unknown) is a minor recurring character in Criminal Minds.


Not much is known about Cal's personal life, other than he became an agent with the FBI's Miami, Florida, field office.


Cal appears briefly and intermittently throughout the episode. He first greets Hotch, Rossi, JJ, and Reid and shows them to a room where Agent Russell Goldman kept his own files on a con artist he had been pursuing. He then tells the agents to notify him if they need anything. Later, Cal is among the agents who listen to the BAU's profile of the unsub.

Red LightEdit

At some point between Parasite and this episode, Cal was, for reasons unknown, transferred to the BAU headquarters in Quantico. In the episode, he approached Prentiss, informing her that he placed Morgan in her office.


  • Though he is never officially named onscreen, Cal is the first of two FBI agents on Criminal Minds to be directly named after the actor portraying them. The second was Agent Rush in The Hunt, who was portrayed by Brandon Rush.


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