No physical contact.
Butler in "Unforgettable"

Officer Butler (first name unrevealed) is a prison guard and a minor recurring character who appeared in Season Twelve of Criminal Minds.


Very little is known about Butler's early background, other than he became a prison guard at Millburn Correctional Facility.

Season TwelveEdit

True NorthEdit

Butler is first seen opening the door for Reid to the visitor's area, where Lewis is waiting for him.


Butler later goes to Reid's cell and tells him that he has a visitor. While taking Reid to the visitor's area, he, in a state of agitation, informs him that his lawyer Fiona Duncan was talking to the warden about a civil suit that was filed following Reid's beating by Frazier and Duerson. He takes Reid to the visitor's area who turns out to be Diana. At the end of the episode, Butler enters the room and tells them that time is up and no physical contact. Then, a nurse enters the room and tells Diana that it is time to go. She introduces herself to Reid as Carol Atkinson. She tries to shake hands with Reid, but Butler tells her not to touch him. When the nurse and Diana leave the visitor's area, Reid suddenly remembers that the nurse was the one who framed him and yells out to Butler, who had already slammed the door right in front of him.


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