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"Burn" is the second episode of Season Ten of Criminal Minds.


The BAU goes to Seattle to apprehend a serial killer who is murdering his victims in various brutal ways and holds a psychotic obsession. Meanwhile, Garcia heads to Texas to confront the man she shot while defending Reid and herself, as he waits on death row.

Guest CastEdit

  • Potsch Boyd - Greg Baylor
  • Nicholas Brendon - Analyst Kevin Lynch
  • Carlos E. Campos - Baldridge Priest
  • Austin Chandra - Young Justin Leu
  • Christopher Chen - Dan Chen
  • Al Coronel - Mr. Connoley
  • Rick Deats - Priest in Dream
  • Christopher Devlin - Detective Sachs
  • Blair Dickens - Guard #2
  • Philip Ellis - Todd Leu
  • Karen Furno - Widow
  • Steven Hack - Doctor Anthony Reynolds
  • Brian Alan Hill - Guy
  • Harrison Holzer - High School Kid
  • Justin Howell - Mr. Connoley's Son
  • Vivian Kerr - Emily Hazley
  • Tom Killam - Prison Warden
  • C.S. Lee - Justin Leu
  • Alice Medina - Guard #1
  • Ambrit Millhouse - Shanice
  • Ho-Kwan Tse - Raymond Leu
  • Stephen Twardokus - Steve Oliver[1]
  • Jimmy O. Yang - Nathan Chow

Referenced CriminalsEdit


  • "The Gilded Hand" by Radical Face
  • "Be My Baby" by Linda Ronstadt

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Derek Morgan: "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill
  • Penelope Garcia: "It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go." J.C. Watts

See AlsoEdit


  1. Credited as "Gassed Victim #1"

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