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Brian Stiller is a killer, arsonist, and closet pedophile who later became the unwilling accomplice of Chad Griffith and Andrew Ford during their crimes. He appeared in Season Ten of Criminal Minds.


Brian was troubled in his youth and was subsequently sent to Sudworth Place, a halfway house for troubled boys. There, he befriended Chad Griffith, Andrew Ford, and Matthew Jones, three other residents. However, the four of them, along with several other boys, were molested by a volunteer worker named Jack Westbrook. Brian got the worst of the sexual abuse and was regarded by Westbrook as "[his] favorite". When the four boys left Sudworth Place, they kept in contact as they grew older. In 2012, Brian got a job as a janitor at a local motel. Spurred on by his memories of the molestation he had experienced, he became a fledgling pedophile himself, illegally viewing child pornography, and stealing children's underwear to keep as souvenirs. Because of this, he seemed to no longer have hatred towards Westbrook for what he had done. On November 12, 2014, Matthew committed suicide, being unable to bear with the memories of the sexual abuse.

The Boys of Sudworth Place

While he is working, a week after Matthew's suicide, Brian is surprised by Chad and Andrew when they pretend to try and rob him at gunpoint. The two then bring him to an abandoned warehouse, where he is horrified to find that they are holding Westbrook hostage. Brian is reluctant to get involved and tries to leave but an intoxicated Chad stops him. Chad then tries to shoot Westbrook, but Brian refuses to let him do it and a struggle ensues. Eventually, Brian accidentally throws Chad down the pit where Westbrook is trapped, killing him. After this, he and Andrew panic and decide to cover their tracks by burning the place down. While Andrew leaves to purchase gasoline, Westbrook manages to convince Brian to let him out of the hole. Then, Westbrook reveals he knows that Brian is a closet pedophile. Enraged at this revelation, Brian shoots him to death just as Andrew returns. When Andrew asks what happened, Brian responds that Westbrook gave him no choice. The two then set the pit on fire with Chad and Westbrook's bodies inside. When the BAU arrive, Brian tries to pin both of the deaths on Andrew. However, having searched Brian's apartment beforehand and finding his stash of child pornography, the agents arrest both him and Andrew while the latter looks on in shock.

Modus Operandi

When he killed Chad Griffith, Brian did it accidentally while trying to defend Westbrook; he pushed him over a railing during a struggle with a handgun, and Chad was killed by the fall. He later shot and killed Westbrook with the same handgun in a fit of rage. He and Andrew then burned both of the victims' bodies using gasoline and a lit match, to dispose of any potential evidence.


No official profile of Brian was made, since the BAU were more focused on his friends Chad and Andrew, as well as his molester Westbrook.

Known Victims

  • November 19, 2014:
    • Chad Griffith (accidentally killed; was knocked over a railing, killed by the fall, and burned post-mortem)
    • Jack Westbrook (the man who molested him as a child; shot in the chest with a handgun and burned post-mortem)