Brian Eugen Poth is an American actor, producer, writer, and director.


Poth was born on June 9, 1975, in Tulare, California. He got his start as a dancer on the show Kids Incorporated. Poth was forced to commute to Los Angeles every week during filming. After he finished his contract, he permanently moved to Los Angeles to get himself a screenwriting and film production degree from Loyola Marymount University. After graduating in 1997, Poth promptly won a guest-starring role in Six Feet Under. In 2003, Poth was cast in his first major role on television, appearing for a total of 30 episodes on CSI: Miami as multimedia lab tech Tyler Jensen. In 2010, he made his directorial debut in the musical comedy short Gleeclipse. Poth recently finished production on his freshman effort sitcom pilot Family Style.

On Criminal MindsEdit

Poth portrayed budding serial killer and abductor Peter Folkmore in the Season Ten episode Scream.


  • Criminal Minds - Scream (2015) TV episode - Peter Folkmore
  • Aquarius (2015) as Chris (2 episodes)
  • Bones (2014) as Jeremy Walford
  • True Blood (2013-2014) as Matt (3 episodes)
  • Gleeclipse (2010) as Gay Mummy (short)
  • Grey's Anatomy (2010) as Keith
  • Healing Hands (2010) as Green
  • Proposition 8 Trial Re-Enactment (2010) as Andrew Pugno (TV series documentary)
  • Angel of Death (2009) as Graham
  • Saving Grace (2009) as Russell Tupton
  • CSI: NY (2008) as Hank Gorem
  • Prison Break (2008) as Brian Anderson
  • Cold Case (2007) as Jimmy Bartram, 2007
  • Crossing Jordan (2006) as Greg Hewitt
  • Apocalypse Oz (2006) as Doorman (short)
  • CSI: Miami (2003-2005) as Tyler Jenson (30 episodes)
  • Dog Gone Love (2004) as Freddy
  • The D.A. (2004) as Jim Wesson
  • The West Wing (2004) as Eric Schaeffer
  • Dragnet (2003) as Brian Stowe
  • The X-Files (2002) as Gabe Rotter
  • The Chronicle (2002) as Derek/Superhero
  • Venomous (2001) as Billy Sanderson (video)
  • Six Feet Under (2001) as Marc Foster (2 episodes)
  • Dean Quixote (2001) as Dean Feuer
  • Damaged Goods (2000) as Tommie
  • Judging Amy (2000) as Nick Dobson (2 episodes)
  • Boys and Girls (2000) as Guy in Diner
  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (2000) as Dave
  • La Femme Nikita (2000) as Patrick "Darwin" Donoghue
  • Providence (1999) as Thomas Babbington
  • Dying to Live (1999) as Evan Bainbridge
  • Race (1998) as Walter Cahill, Jr.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998) as Fighting Boy
  • Teen Angel (1998) as Alternate Steve
  • Knots Landing (1988) as Waiter
  • Mr. Belvedere (1986) as Vincent
  • Kids Incorporated (1984) as Dancer


  • Recorded Lives (2014) - Producer
  • Ronny (2013) - Consulting Producer (short)


  • Gleeclipse (2010) - Co-Director (short)


  • Gleeclipse (2010) (short)


For a full filmography, see here.

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